Another PFRE Success Story

July 22nd, 2009

This success story is just too good not to pass along to readers! Rusty Freeman (Rusty@Studio ZZZ in the PFRE flickr group) is a studio photographer that works in the LA area and recently got into real estate photography. Rusty is a regular blog reader and purchased both of my e-books and has been following the advice I give in the books and here on the blog. I was talking to Rusty this afternoon and he passed the following story along to me. These are Rusty’s words:

We are leaving in two hours due to a call from a property manager who rents high end resort property in Colombia, South America to enjoy a weekend shoot, yes this will be work,  and not to make it better but got a call today from a stager who gave us a country club $4.5 mil house to shoot upon our return but  she asked the owners are in need of their resort property on a island to shoot this month too.  These leads came from a simple e-mail sent to stagers,  now over 3 months back, still getting calls from it.  Constant Contact advertising works.  I am surprised at the referral’s between stagers and homeowners to us.
Maybe a new niche for Real Estate Photos I never knew existed a month ago, Resort Rentals,  and Larry I have this all to your help !!! So, I will have a beer under the palm tree on a white sand beach this weekend just for you.
Rusty & crew
So Rusty and crew are in the air as I post this on their way to Colombia to do some hospitality photography. Hospitality photography is when you are shooting for hotels or resorts. I don’t pretend to know much about the hospitality industry but basically it’s similar to real estate photography except you are shooting for a hotel or resort. One difference between hospitality photography and real estate photography is in the hospitality business stagers are ALWAYS involved, and you shoot food, spa and live style shots in addition to interiors. You are supplying marketing shots for resort advertising.
Congratulations to Rusty and everyone else, hang in there and keep working your marketing plan because this stuff works!
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6 Responses to “Another PFRE Success Story”

  • That is waaaaay cool!!!! What an interesting avenue to pursue! Congrats Rusty!

  • Congrats Rusty. This is one way to enjoy your job!

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  • Vacation rentals are a great source of business. Here in Sunriver Oregon, there are a ton of vacation rental homes that have dark, blurry photos online. One e-mail or call and you can get the job. I’ve picked up a few shoots and plan to advertise to these home owners soon . Also hit up the property management companies for vacation rental jobs.

  • We are back, thank you to everyone for nice comments. I can tell you first hand, that the marketing ideas from Larry do work.

    Our Constant Comment e-mail list continues to grow, we get new clients every week, from a twice monthly note.

    We shot 4 penthouse apartments in the “Beverly Hills” area of Medellin Colombia, called El Poblado sectiion of the city. Very up-scale area, new 25 story hirise buildings are everywhere & new mall’s that envy anything in the USA. This is where all the rich & famous go, most everyone is from another country, have a home in this neighborhood, many estate 10,000 sq ft mansions too. Hillside area with full panoramic views of the city below. The weather is 70+/- all year round, city of spring, rain everyday just like Hawaii everywhere is green. Due to being at the 5,000 foot elevation there are no BUGS, nothing, even being in the tropics, no flying things, makes pool time wonderful.

    Nice trip, photography equipment make the trip too, thanks to Pel Cases!! I will post a few photos with permission of the photo owners, when finished with photoshop.


  • Sounds like a great opportunity! I would love to see the results.

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