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June 30th, 2009

I’ve been tinkering around with Twitter for a while now. What finally lead me to decide that Twitter is to important to ignore is that the blog has been getting visitors from Twitter links in the last month. What got my attention is that several people are doing tweets on PFRE blog posts. Brad Claghorn ( of for one and there are several others as well.

So I’ve decided to use twitter to announce the posts I do on the blog just like feedburner. If you are using the feedburner e-mail subscription to get notice of blog posts there is a 8 to 12 hour delay between the time I post and the time you get the e-mail. On the other hand if you have a twitter account (free at you can follow and get a tweet almost instantly after I make a post. I would have liked to get the account but it’s already taken.

I’ve also added a follow PFRE on twitter under Other Links on the right side-bar. Eventually I’ll probably use this twitter account for other blog related uses.

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2 Responses to “Follow Photography For Real Estate on Twitter”

  • Great decision Larry. I kid you not, I spent this past Monday looking all over your site to see if you were on Twitter! I love your posts and am excited to be able to be notified instantly via Twitter!

  • I have recently created a Twitter accout, and to be honest I don’t get it. How do you use Twitter is a business sense? I think I missed the memo on this one.

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