Manage Your Video in Lightroom

June 27th, 2009

Ever since I got my Canon G9 and started having video files to manage I’ve been wishing Lightroom had the ability to manage my video files in the same folder structure that I keep my stills in. The files are all on the same card so why not keep the master files with the stills that you shoot on the same date and shoot?

Today I started doing just that because I downloaded and installed Jeffrey Friedl’s Video Asset Mangement Lightroom Plugin. Very cool! It allows you to import your videos into a LR catalog, see the meta data and a thumbnail, and even play the videos from within LR. Hello Adobe… is this so hard to figure out?

Sure, there are a lot of thing’s Jeffrey’s Plugin doesn’t do yet but, hey this is a great start! Jeffrey’s plugin is donationware so if you end up using it give Jeffrey a healthy donation. He has a lot of hard work into creating this plugin. Thanks Jeffrey for the great piece of work!

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