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June 22nd, 2009

Thanks to Scott D for letting me know about a June 10 real estate photography article in the Charlotte, N.C, The State by Cristina Bolling titled, When You Market your house online, make sure the images are picture perfect. Articles like this make good marketing hand-outs to give to agents and they are filled with good quotes and references to real estate marketing studies and other authoritative articles (journalists are good researchers). I’ve added a link to this article to my account.

For those new to, delicious is a site that allows you to store and share bookmarks in a public place instead of in your browser. I’ve created a delicious account for the express purpose of collecting and sharing bookmarks of interest to real estate photographers. So anyone can look at the links by just going to In case you forget the this link I have it listed along the right side-bar of the blog under “Other Links”. It’s the link called “PFRE Delicious links“.

I have bookmarks for all the big newspaper articles that I know about from the last several years as well as the NAR studies and press releases. When you are looking at along the upper right side-bar is a list of tags that I use to organize the bookmarks. All the newspaper articles are tagged “NewsArticle” etc. To see just the bookmarks with a given tag click on the tag name.

Send me your links if you have any that you want to share.

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5 Responses to “Another Real Estate Photography Newspaper Article”

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  • Larry:
    I tried the link to this story and I get a message that the story is no longer available. Would you check it? I’d like to use it in one of my email blasts.



  • Michael- You are right, they took it down already! I am puzzled by how naive newspaper companies are about online content… what’s the point of putting an article online if you don’t leave it up? Next article that comes along I’ll make a PDF of it. I’ll contact them and see if I can get them to put it back up.

    The other three articles (NYTimes, Globe and Mail and LATimes) are all still up) See the links at: The LATimes article disappeared for many months but a few months ago came back up.

  • Since The State newspaper took down the original article as of 6/25/09 I’ve replaced the link to the article with a PDF that Scott DuBose sent me. Apparently he captured a PDF file before they took down the article.

    I’ve contacted The State suggesting that they should put the article back up but now we’ve got a PDF so no problem.

  • Here is the response I got from The State:

    Mr. Lohrman,

    I don’t have an explanation as to why, but the link to that article is incorrect. It should be:

    However, please note that our Web site does not keep content available in perpetuity. This story is set to expire Sept. 9 of this year. The text then will be available in our paid archive, retrievable from the search bar on our homepage at

    We do permit the use of article text on other sites if our newspaper name, the writer and source and the article itself are presented unaltered, and a link is made back to our site (homepage URL above).


    So if you want to use this article better grab a copy of the PDF link above.

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