How Do You Get a Bird With One Wing To Fly?

June 21st, 2009

I want to point out that Herb Dierks of gave us some very valuable insights and advice in his comment on the last post; too valuable to pass up!

Herb said, “can your slide show be uploaded to YouTube? How many cell phones are capable of viewing it? From my perspective, photographing real estate is a two part process – capturing great images, then getting those images in front of people that could potentially become a buyer for the home. Like a bird with only one wing, having only one part of the equation covered just won’t fly.”

Let me take the liberty of expanding on what Herb is saying:

  1. The part about real estate photography being a two part business – capturing images and getting them in front of potential buyers is a fundamental insight. It’s a central principle of real estate photography. I see too many RE photographers concerned just about the technical aspects of creating the image and not putting the same energy into presentation and getting the images in front of the buyers. Great images are only half of the solution. Great presentation and wide accessibility is the other half of the equation (or the “other wing” in Herb’s analogy).
  2. Herb is right about not being able to upload my Slideshow Pro tour to YouTube or view it on a cell phone. It’s given me heart burn that I can’t view a tour with my iPhone. Wide support for Flash for mobile devices is not going to happen. However, YouTube videos are currently supported on most mobile devices so having your tour on YouTube can expand it’s accessibility enormously. Having a tour on YouTube not only allows it to be seen on mobile devices it greatly expands the opportunities for syndication on video sites.

OK, so my Slideshow Pro tour only has “one wing”. How can I give it another wing? The answer is really pretty easy. I spent about 30 minutes last night creating a YouTube video from my Slideshow Pro tour. After the first time I’m sure I could do it in about 15 min. Here’s how to do it:

  1. You need a screen capture application that will create a video from what ever you do on your screen. I use Snapz Pro for the Mac. There are tons of ones for the PC too, just Google “video screen capture”. I just got the Flash tour ready to play, started up Snapz, selected the area on the screen I wanted to capture, started the SSP tour and at the end saved the video file.
  2. Because the standard video aspect ratio is 640×480 and 1280×720 (HD) I decided to eliminate the banner on the top of the Flash tour and instead I added the same information at the beginning and end of the video. I used iMovie 09 to do this but you could also use something like Adobe Premiere Elements to do this on the PC. After getting the video to YouTube I realized you can at the text on YouTube. That will save purchasing a video editing application if you don’t have one.
  3. After adding the text I just uploaded the video to YouTube.
  4. What about audio? There’s several ways to add either background music or a narrative track to the video. You could add an audio track to the SSP flash tour by putting a link to the audio track in Lightroom, or you could add the audio track in a video editor or you can even add a audio track when it’s in YouTube.

I can anticipate the objections that someone is going to make. “The YouTube version is crappy quality! You’ve taken a large relatively high quality Flash tour and reduced the size and quality… yuck!” Well sure, the YouTube version is only 640 x 480 (you can create HD quality 1280×720 video on YouTube) but look at it on the iPhone; it doesn’t look that bad! And I’m not suggesting that the YouTube version is the only version you make available to clients. I suggest that you offer both. By having a YouTube video version of a tour you increase the accessibility and exposure enormously.

Since it is so easy to create a video version of any tour I suggest you provide a video file with your tours just to provide the extra oppurtunities to your clients. Thanks Herb for your insights! And now my answers to Herb’s questions are: Yes, it can be uploaded to YouTube and  it can be seen by at least 21 million iPhones.

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12 Responses to “How Do You Get a Bird With One Wing To Fly?”

  • Yesterday I spend some time playing around with Coverflux. In Final Cut Express. I want to create DVD’s for agents to play on their HD TV’s in the agency. Best of all this plugin is free!,com_sobi2/sobi2Task,sobi2Details/catid,2/sobi2Id,19/

    Than I saw a post on Flickr about
    This looks really cool! In 10 minutes a motion graphics video can be created from your photo’s and published on Youtube.
    The video is proccessed on their server, very impressive. It would take at least an hour in an editor.
    There is not much control because the effects are autogenerated, but if you are not experienced or don’t want to spend the time animating yourself this could be a cool addon for your services.

  • Ah, another software for creating slideshows with Ken Burns is
    Much more control than recording SSP slideshows and at only $50 it beats iPhoto’s slideshow export for sure.

    Ciao Larry 🙂

  • Here’s one I created a couple of years ago. I used the jpg pans. More can be done, i.e. music, text, etc. I don’t remember which program I used to create it, but it was one of the two mentioned above.

  • Larry,

    proshow gold allows a direct export to youtube format as well as sending it straight to your youtube account.

    So anyone using this program to create a slideshow, can when complete hit the output option, and as soon as the conversion to youtube video happens [depends on size of slideshow file] it is uploaded. No additional time required.

    It will also do the same for many mobiles including the iphone..

  • Andrew- Nice feature but the problem with Proshow Gold is that people can’t view your web tour without downloading a plugin! It’s been proven over and over that having to download a plugin is the kiss of death… the majority of viewers won’t download a plugin. This is why currently Flash slide shows are so important right now.

    Eventually HTML 5 will make this problem go away but it will be a while before this happens.

  • Larry – Maybe you have used an old version of Proshow Gold, but you actually can export presentations to a wide number of formats that do not require the proprietary plugin (Flash Video being the most useful of them, plus the ability to create iPod/iPhone/YouTube friendly videos).

  • Terry- You are right, thanks for the update. Many times, I’ve run into plug-in download requests with Proshow tours and after Andrew’s comment I went back to the Photodex website to see if that had changed and tried their Demo tour and it immediately ask to install a plug-in. But I’m guilty of not reading all the fine print… I see that says “Upload shows directly to the web through YouTube, Flash, QuickTime or Photodex’s own streaming ProShow Presenter.”

  • I know it isn’t doesn’t offer the best functionality, but iPhoto can fairly easily make a video slide slideshow with ken burns effects & music.

    Also make sure any music you post online is legally licensed. In YouTube your videos can get taken down for copyright infringement of music. I personally use Stock20, but there is also istock music and other royalty free stock music sources.

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