A Directory Of All The Top Real Estate Listing Agents

June 17th, 2009

How would you like to have a online or printed directory of all the most successful listing agents in your area (your best prospective clients), that is updated twice a month? It has names, phone numbers, web sites and e-mail addresses and a list of all their listings. By the way, this directory doesn’t list all listing agents, just the ones that are willing to spend money on marketing and good photography!

The directory I’m referring to is Homes&Land, a widely available (in US, CA, MX & CR) real estate magazine and web site. I have to give reader John Quarles credit for the comment that sparked this insight. John mentioned that he advertises in H&L to target home sellers. Here’s the back-story on how I realized the usefulness of Homes&Land for real estate photographers:

  1. My wife and I have used Homes&Land to advertise our listings for as long as it has existed.
  2. Once the Internet became popular as an effective way for home buyers to do a home search we noticed that Homes&Land lost it’s effectiveness as a tool for home buyers because it took from 2 weeks to 3 weeks to just get a listing in (compared to a few minutes for a web site) and H&L doesn’t have all listings on the market like the big broker sites and aggregation sites.
  3. For a long time H&L has been mostly a place for listing agents to promote themselves with flashy ads. Because these 1/2 page, page and double page ads are fairly expensive you only see listing agents in H&L that are willing to spend significant advertising dollars and use good photography.
  4. Because of all this I blew off H&L as a total waste of time and money many years ago because I’d always looked at it as a tool for home buyers and it didn’t work very well for that.
  5. John’s comment on my June 15th post about home sellers reading H&L clicked with me and made me realize that H&L is functioning as pretty much only a show case for listing agents to promote themselves and sure, it makes sense that home sellers are now it’s primary audience. Home sellers read it to find the most successful and coolest listing agents. Any home buyer with half a brain can see that this is an effective way to search for a home.

So real estate photographers, if you want a directory of the best of the best listing agents for your area, go to Homes&Land, click on the “find properties by Real Estate Magazine” link in the upper left side, then click on your state, then on your area within state. When you finally get to the page for the issue of H&L that covers your area there’s a “Flip through this issue online” link that will take you to an online copy of the most current H&L magazine. There you have it… a directory of your best prospective clients.

From my ad hoc observations the listing agents that regularly advertise in H&L in the Seattle area are probably only the top 1 to 3% of listing agents. If you are looking for the top 10% you’ll have to dig a little deeper and use broker sites.

You can also use H&L to target advertising at home sellers as John mentioned. John claims good results from this method of promoting photography to home sellers.

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7 Responses to “A Directory Of All The Top Real Estate Listing Agents”

  • Do you guys think anything similar exist for the European market? I was doing a quick research some time ago but no success…

  • I’ve always used the For Sale Listings magazines for agent sources. These mags are all pretty expensive to list in, and most agents who are in the mags is an agent who knows the magazines value and will spend the money needed to advertise their properties – a good candidate for virtual tour marketing. Its good to learn the H & L agents are higher $$$ agents! Thanks for the info.

  • This is only a partial truth that the top selling agents are in homes and land online and other printed real estate advertising online. In some cases these listings are fed from a real estate broker office and some are fed directly from Mls and not from the individual agent, so the agent is not paying extra for this. Unfortunately many printed real estate business are not doing well at least not in my area. Claire

  • Claire- You raise a good point that I need to clarify.
    What I’m saying here is that the agents that pay big $ to advertise in the hard copy version of H&L are the top agents. And a online version of the hard copy magazine is available to look at on the H&L site.

    Yes, all listings and all agents are on the aggregated real estate sites H&L’s online site have all listings but not all listings are in the magazine.

    I’m talking about the magazine.

  • What’s about just going through the MLS to get agent contact info? Seems even easier.

  • Jakob- I think you mean brokers sites. Most real estate photographers don’t have direct access to the MLS. Sure, if all you want is contact information you can get it at the broker sites… easy to get.

    But my point is that your BEST PROSPECTS for clients are the top 10% of agents. You want to find out who all the TOP listing agents are. One way is go through all the broker sites and see who has the most listings in various price ranges. H&L is even better it shows you who the very top listing agents are AND who is spending money advertising. You can’t get a better qualified list of agents to market than this!

  • I suspect they’re phasing out the printed version – their site said there’s no printed version for San Diego.

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