Some Interesting Links For Real Estate Photographers

June 16th, 2009

Here are some news links that are of interest for real estate photographers:

  • Propvid iPhone application: Carlos in AU sent me this link to the developers site of the Propvid iPhone application. Apparently Brett Clements (I did a post on Brett’s company last month) of Propvid is building a property video aggregation site in AU. Very cool application! I downloaded this app and watched some of the videos. This is the first place I’ve seen the combination of Ken Burns panning and real video where it’s needed.
  • Photography tips: Nice photo tips and video at the major Australian real estate site. Our mate’s down in Oz do a great job, I think they are ahead of the rest of the world in the area of real estate.
  • Monoslideshow 2.0: via TTG – After 2 years with no updates Monokai has released version 2.0 of the elegant Flash slide show engine. The downside of the new version is that it doesn’t work with Lightroom yet, but the good news is that Matthew at TTG is building a new interface for Montoslideshow to work with Lightroom. Version 2.0 appears to be able to mix video clips with stills and had some cool new transitions.
  • Cisco Says Internet Video will Explode: A June 9th post on the WSJ Digits blog says Cisco Systems (One of the biggest manufacturer of Internet routers and Internet infastructure equipment) “…expects Internet traffic will increase fivefold over the next five years, driven in large part by a jump in the amount of video transmitted across the network”. Of course this is a self serving prediction and certainly a little biased coming from a company like Cisco. However, the technical factors enabling more Internet video and the demand factors encouraging more Internet video are unmistakable. I think they are right.
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11 Responses to “Some Interesting Links For Real Estate Photographers”

  • is the ONLY RE portal.

    Most Aussies will have trouble with this US-centric blog whenever these different “tour” website companies are discussed.
    Tour this, tour that.
    We just don’t have that, nor can we relate to it one iota.

    From independent research conducted in Nov 2008;
    “…Report findings show that and Fairfax Digital’s are the most prominent online property brands, with a significant gap to the next most-cited websites – LJ Hooker and Ray White. It is interesting to note that sellers are far more likely to have their property listed on over, despite the two sites being on par as a research resource among sellers.”

    So where does that place Open2View, you ask?
    At best, 5th.
    Essentially well off the radar.
    This dilutes any residual value of having that “free website listing” on the O2V website.

    Independent photogs take note, and use this information to your advantage!

    If an agent is using O2V in the hope that the “scatter gun” approach to listing might work, then it is time for them to have a serious rethink. There is no point in listing on a website when nobody goes there.

  • As an O2V franchisee I can tell you none of my agents are using O2V as a scatter gun approach to listing. They are using O2V for the quality of our product and the sales they bring. O2V may not be the most well known website at present but that is changing as more and more agents use O2V and cross link their listings from RE.COM and other sites back to O2V so buyers can get fullscreen images and more than the max 20 cropped images on RE.COM. Buyers may start at RE.COM and see page after page of poorly presented properties and them finally click on one that attracts them and find they are linked back to the O2V site.

  • Hi Larry,
    Great blog, and love the fact you give us guys down under a plug every once in a while! Under the Propvid and IMAGEination brands, we provide a very high level of content to agents across video and photography so getting some ‘air time’ here is great.
    PS, glad you like the app.

  • Good thread Larry.
    The web is an amazing place to share knowledge I am on the web each and everyday looking for ideas and to speak with like minded people.Photography for Real Estate is one of my first stops to see whats going on.
    Imagine not having the web.

    I dont really look at O2V, will have a gander, always thought they were a cheaper, lower quality outfit, but I see they are franchised so it probably depends on the owners of the franchise.

  • Who’s David Ross.
    I thought Provid was Brett Clements

  • Alex- I believe that David Ross is a partner of Brett Clements. David’s URL that he gives in the comment above is … from looking at his web site he is partnered with

  • I clicked on the link but it didnt work will try your one.
    Bretts work is amazing.

  • Dave Ross was a floorplanner who work for Datography UK

    I worked with him
    good worker

  • I would have to say without doubt Larry, the Zillow product is the most exciting new thing I have seem.
    Saw another piece on the web today, can add it to the Sat Nav.

  • Even though is currently leading the pack I can say that domain is a bigger mover and shaker in australian real estate and I don’t work for them or have any affiliation.

    Andrew Blachut

  • I down loaded the Provid app.
    I dont get it?
    All this is showing are videos.Is the house sold?No other info?Cant view by price?Cant view by suburb?No pics no Floorplan.

    Have you tried it out.
    I followed up one of the Videos and it looks like old and its sold.Its not on the Agents web site.

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