Here’s An Example Of How To Do E-mail Marketing

June 10th, 2009

Scott Hargis sent me a copy of his e-mail marketing piece today and I think it is particularly well done so I thought I’d show you what it looks like and run through what I like about it. Scott has been doing this for several years so he’s refined this by trial and error.

A screen capture of the e-mail the recipient gets is on the right. Here are what I think are the significant features:

  1. This piece is what is known in marketing as “drip marketing“. You send a potential client something on a regular basis so you build your “brand” with this person. Scott is sending these quarterly. He assembles a gallery from what he thinks are his best images since the last e-mail so each months gallery is fresh and new.
  2. Because you have the name, e-mail and phone number of all of the top Realtors in your area (don’t you?) you are only sending this to agents you know want and need your services. Perhaps you’ve even talked to some on the phone or meet them at a brokers meeting or marketed them in some other way.
  3. The e-mail has an opt-out link so if the Realtor doesn’t like getting these they click the link and they’re off you list.
  4. The e-mail is visual. Not a lot of words. Photographers dazzle with images, not words. A big image (920 x 560). This is important to make an impact. Very simple message, “Scott Hargis specializes in Interiors Photography for the Architectural, Design, and Real Estate industries” , his contact info and the most important part “Click the image to view the entire gallery”. If you click, here’s what you get.
  5. The significant feature is the images are big and the slide show is flash, runs automatically and continuously. Notice that, all the recipient needs to do is click once, and they continuously see Scott’s images.
  6. The e-mail service Scott is using is There are many of these e-mail service sites where you maintain your mailing list, create you e-mail or newsletter and it then manages the sending of the e-mail and tracks who opens (reads) the e-mail and who clicks the link to the gallery. So Scott knows that 35% of the recipients read the e-mail and 15% click the link a look at the gallery. You can pay for just the e-mail you send or on a monthly basis.

So, the bottom line is that this kind of e-mail is not SPAM. Trust me, upper-end listing agents love to look at these kind if galleries. If you are starting out, it’s not the only marketing you do but I think it can be an effective part of your marketing of Realtors. This is the sort of marketing to keep your name and your work in front of all the right people.

Thanks Scott for letting me share this with everyone.

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13 Responses to “Here’s An Example Of How To Do E-mail Marketing”

  • Thanks for that. Sometimes the simplest things are the greatest. Doing something similar myself! But Scott is my idol 🙂

  • Yeah thats a great opening image he has but it is Scott so its expected. 😉 I use iContact for my emailing marketing campaign. Im not doing to well with it but at least its getting my name and I havent had to many opt outs.

  • Great post. I’ve been doing the same thing for a couple of years now and it works. I send a new one out every week to 10 days and almost always get a call or two. I used to use Constant Contact but I switched to Rate Point a few months back. I was happy with CC buy Rate Point was half the price and works just as well as soon as you get used to the interface.


  • A nice and valueable post. I would to be able read the email itself. I know there is not a lot of text in it, but I would like to see it like a customer receives it in his mailbox.
    I am looking for a different way to send my emailnewsletter in the near future and the website of was a nice eye-opener for me! Thanks for that!



  • Thank you for posting this Larry – it’s interesting to see how others are doing it.

    I’ve used Constant Contact before for some clients I do contract web work for, but as the size of the mailing list grows CC starts to get a little expensive. I’ve recently started doing some tests with and far it’s very promising. Very strong feature set with a reasonable price structure.


  • Strong email. I’m with Scott, the less copy the better…let the pictures pull the customers to click through.

  • Very nice piece. I am going to share this with my agents in Southern California. Drip marketing example at its best.
    Thank you.

  • Larry, you stated “If you are starting out, it’s not the only marketing you do” above.

    Is there an article somewhere indicating what the other marketing approaches are for new guys?


  • Great post Larry – and super idea Scott. Love the new site design, BTW. Alan, my sister started using MailChimp with her company, and it looks and works great… and is really easy as well.

  • I use Constant Contact for a similar marketing campaign. Every time I photograph a new home, I send an e-flyer out to all agents I have email addresses for on behalf of the listing agent. It acts sort of like a “caravan,” broadcasting the features of the home to other agents who may have a buyer for the property.

    Its benefits are #fold: 1) it helps the agent market the property, 2) it gets my images out to REALTORS (and Builders, especially for new construction) and 3) when agenst start seeing my work frequently, I presume they ask themselves “I guess he must be efffective to be getting all this work…(and here is hopefully the money line at some point) Maybe I should look into doing this?”

  • […] early in my career I started publishing a quarterly “New Work” portfolio online and emailing invitations to view it to as many RE agents as I could. About 30% of the recipients of my emails would actually […]

  • A timely email post today Larry as I was ready to shout out to vacation rental resorts in my area.
    One thing about the width of Scott’s email image – I’ve read that keeping width down to around 600 px minimises the need to scroll sideways in some email clients. But that might be a hangover to old low rez monitors when 800 x 600 was king?

  • Can anyone point me to where I can find out how to make mailchimp templates wider than 600px.

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