Look Who’s Using 5D MkIIs

May 31st, 2009

As many of you know I’m a big fan of Brett Clements’ work (see his profile on I did a post on Brett’s work last Sept. Brett’s company is but the HD videos don’t seem to run off his site as well as the ones he has on

I was talking to Allan Mackenzie today, also a videographer in Brisbane, and Allan mentioned that he just purchased two 5D MkIIs for real estate work and that Brett Clements and his team just purchased five 5D MkIIs exclusively for shooting real estate property videos. I think it’s significant that is using 5D MkIIs for shooting real estate. Since in the past they’ve used Sony X1’s, X3’s and D90’s. The people are not still photographers, they are hardcore videographers choosing the 5D MkII as a video camera. Here are a couple of videos the Propvid team has done with the 5DMkII:

The point I want to make is that I believe what’s going on is a subtle acceptance of the 5D MkII as a acceptable compromise as HD video camera. Sure, there are still weaknesses like:

  • Dust on the sensor.
  • Barrel distortion and converging verticals when you use wide-angle lenses.

But at the same time there are unprecedented advantages like:

  • A video camera with interchangeable lenses for a fraction of what it cost to purchase a true video camera with this feature.
  • A high quality still camera with an acceptable HD video camera thrown in for free.

I think the most significant aspect of the 5D MkII is that it’s allowing still photographers to get their feet wet with video without having to go out and buy another piece of hardware. I think that being able to add video to your tool kit will pay off in the long run. It takes some learning and practice but it’s not all that difficult. The hardest part of adding video to your bag of tricks is to keep an open mind and a willingness to learn new approaches.

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13 Responses to “Look Who’s Using 5D MkIIs”

  • Thanks for the link. I’ve been eyeing the 5D mark II for a while and enjoy seeing its capabilities to help me make a buying decision.

  • Larry. And to think I’d even hidden these links away at my platinumHD site @ vimeo, which isn’t even on the radar. Manual controls for the 5DMII will be in a firmware update scheduled for release tomorrow; the good thing is we’ve had six months testing these cameras. We’ve had to upgrade a lot of our editing firepower as the codec is very chunky, and because it shoots 30p, we’ve had to convert it to 25p and then compress it. But we’ve managed to get by. And we’re also using it to take photographs, multiple exposures which we are ‘enfusing’ using Lightroom, so we have added the one-stop shop to our business model. The next stage for us is the launch of our new backend app, to stream full-screen HD. Our existing system wasn’t set up for this. The next one will be. Thanks again for the compliments Larry. This camera is a game-changer, and will have far-reaching social repercussion. How will anybody ever police shooting in pubic places anymore. Have a good one guys.

  • Larry,
    I looked at the links
    I am not sure, some of it is very good, but the internals may as well have been a virtual tour with a voice over.I think we have to ask “what is good for Video,” and the answer, in my opinion is movement.There are good podcasts out there which look similar and dont have the distortions.
    Its early days but I think we have to think it through a bit more.
    Whats the point in shooting still life on a Video camera?
    Movies = movement, Moving pictures, that was the idea, lets not lose the basics in our desire for something new.

  • Larry,
    I agree with the point you made regards 5D is that it’s allowing still photographers to get their feet wet with video without having to buy another piece of hardware. Lets face it the goal posts are changing daily and having video in the kit will definitely pay off long term. Globally I think video has arrived and we need to embrace the medium and add it to our arsenal of RE marketing services right now, the one stop approach is what the market is now demanding in our part of the world.

  • @Brett- Thanks for all the details. Yea, if it wasn’t for your video that you post on Vimeo we couldn’t see all your great work… there is something between here and Oz that slows down transfer from you site so the video doesn’t work. Maybe it’s your server.

    I never though of the fact that you can now shoot video without tripods and huge cameras etc… so you are under the “radar”.

    @Carlos- Yes, I agree for showing wide interior shots and some wide exterior shots I’d rather look at a pan-over of a shot with corrected verticals. But the life style shots with helicopters, speed boats, time lapses and personal agent shots, video has far more impact. Video isn’t for everything and you can’t use just video but for some aspects of marketing it can’t be beat! Your customers will ask for it and some are already demanding it. Brisbane is on the leading edge… it’s spreading.

  • Glad you agree Larry, it will spread much faster if we, as creatives, get it right.

  • I’ve heard the upcoming replacement for the Canon 50D will have HD video capability. Do you know if this is true? If so, I wonder what the quality will be without the full frame sensor.

  • Dave- I have no inside information but Canon’s direction is pretty clear from the fact that the Canon EOS Rebel T1i just coming to retailers this week and the 5D MkII both have HD video… I will be amazed if all new models below the 5D that come out in the future don’t have HD video.

  • Good point Carlos made; yes. we looked at our shots a few months ago and realized we were now shooting so WIDE, with the 14 and 16 and 17, our productions looked like those old virtual tours. So, we introduced all these new tripod dollies and glides and portable cranes and skateboards etc and now, no Propvid can be shot without a moving frame, something moving in it, and ideally, something moving through it. We have been working this new format for the last three months, but nothing has been posted to Vimeo yet. 🙂 Re: the speed. We are upgrading all our back-end applications with a launch scheduled for about four to six weeks and gearing up to expand the business by bringing on 10 or 15 new Contractors in Queensland. At Propvid, we feel this is the right time, right place.

  • Brett it sounds like a movie set.Looking forward to seeing some of the new stuff sounds amazing.

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  • Had a thought.Why dont people have chapters on the videos so you can jump through and see parts again that at your leisure.

  • Carlos- Because most of the standard video web players don’t have the capability to do chapters. However, it is possible to do what you are talking about with Slideshow Pro. You can do a video clip of each room or whatever and then SSPRO will display each clip separately and you can select which clip to display with thumbnails. See an example of this at:

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