How To Embed Slideshow Pro Slide Shows

May 18th, 2009

In the past few months I’ve gotten several questions about how to “Embed” Slideshow Pro slide shows that are created with Lightroom. The questions were:

  1. Is it possible to embed a Slideshow Pro slide show in e-mail?
  2. What is the HTML required to embed Slideshow Pro slide shows into a website at Apple’s

First of all a short discussion of what it means to embed a slideshow Pro slide show is in order. It means that the slide show must first be hosted some place on the web. Presumably your website that you control. Embedding means that you put some HTML code in an e-mail or other web site so that the embed HTML gets everything it needs to display the slide show from the web site where the slide show is hosted. Embedding doesn’t replace having to host the slide show some where. Lightroom creates the slide show on the hosting site and the embed code is similar to a pointer that tells the browser where to go get all the files needed to display the slide show.

It turns out that there are instructions on how to embed Lightroom created slide shows on the Slideshow Pro Wiki. I believe that these embedding instructions would work for both question 1 and 2 above. As you can see from the Wiki this is not for the faint of heart! You have to have to be up for some serious HTML whacking to make this work. I suggest that it is much easier to simply create a screen capture JPG of the slide show and link that JPG to the slide show. This is what I do when I link from this blog to a slide show or video and it gives the impression of an embed but isn’t an embed.

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6 Responses to “How To Embed Slideshow Pro Slide Shows”

  • This is my first time, purchased both this week, Lightroom & SlideShow Pro. The FTP feature on Lightroom finally got the “upload” of the show folder into my root directory, even Adobe does not have detail instructions, the help video says to ask a professional for help, yea. However I am hosting my own sites a private hosting company & not on Apple ME, but am still using iWeb 09 for the web side. iWeb 09 has a new feature for FTP which is easy and works. Now after several hours, yes hours, we could not make the slidewshow appear on a web site.

    The Wiki and other web sites that tell how to do this with SlideShow Pro leave out a few important key elements. Google SlideshowPro & iWeb has a lot from oder versions but nothing about the new Lightroom or new iWeb 09. I am making a list now of what details it leaves out, to complete this task.

    When I get this to appear, I shall send you a detail notes on how to do it. The Wiki leaves a lot of small details that they assume you know, well I don’t.

    Anyone else out there completed this task, give all us newbies a helping hand, tell how you did it. Thank you in advance.

  • Yes, I too use iWeb and find that the instructions on embedding SlideShow leave out some key details. One of the main ones I think, is how to you tell it where on the page you want it?

  • I contacted Slideshow Pro tech support re the iWeb issue and this is their answer———
    Hi Larry,

    iWeb is rather limited when adding external flash content to web pages. Easiest way is through an HTML snippet. However you need to first upload the slideshow to your server and then modify the default embed code so that it finds the content using absolute urls. You can then paste the html embed code into iWeb and publish.

    This is not something we directly support as it will usually generate more questions than answers to the beginning user which is the target of iWeb. If using iWeb we would suggest you add a simple text or image link to the already uploaded slideshow.

    Antonio Farias

  • I have used the slide show pro module for a little over a year. I do not use the lighroom attachment but instead use the slide show director to help with creating the slide show. The director allows you to manage the slide photos, add captions and titles, and link the photos to webpages. It is very easy. I still use Photoshop to handle the adjusting and editing of all photos.

    The methods for creating a slide show in director and making the flash SWF are well documented on the Slide Pro site. Once these are created, publish the flash to an HTML. THen simple cut & paste the code to your web page.

  • I use the FileZilla FTP client to upload files and folders to my web site. It’s a free download and it works well, letting you see exactly where you are putting your files and which files are already on your web host’s server.

    I have not tried Lightroom’s FTP feature. Maybe it’s just as informative as a standard FTP client like FileZilla? I know Adobe Dreamweaver’s built in FTP client does not offer complete control over where your files are going when you upload them. I’m assuming that Lightroom may be similar.

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