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May 16th, 2009

Scott Bourne has a insightful post over at that I think real estate photographers will be interested in.

Scott poses and answers this question: ” In the worst economy I can remember, one company is pulling away from the pack in a big way. In a quarter where Microsoft posted its first revenue decline in its history, Apple showed a 15% profit INCREASE. They had their best non-holiday quarter EVER during one of the worst economies EVER.  Why?

Scott’s bottom line is, “If you’re trying to sell your photography consider running your operation the way Apple does. Sell only the best stuff. Sell only the stuff that people really want. Sell it for a fair but high-margin price so you can make a living and attract the right clients.”

Good advice. Thanks Scott for this insight!

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11 Responses to “What Photographers Can Learn From Apple via”

  • You really though Scott Bourne’s article was good? That doesn’t say much for you.

  • Come on, this is not about Apple vs PC! This is about looking at what is successful in today’s new world and being able to have an open enough mind to learn from it.

  • Well I think it is a great article, and as a die hard Mac user I totally concur.

  • It goes without saying that this is not about Apple or Windows. It’s just a fluff abbreviated piece that doesn’t merit mention nor contribution nor parallels between photography or otherwise. I expect more from Real Estate for Photography than this tripe.

  • Tripe? I guess it’s clear that DICK is a Windows fan boy. Scott’s article made it very clear that the photographers who, like Apple, seek to sell at the high end will do well. Perhaps Dick is simply not smart enough to get it. Oh well – he uses Windows so what do you expect?

  • Well, see you didn’t get it. I use Apple, Windows and Linux. But, the fact is that the article is a fluff piece. That’s what I’m saying. It’s not meant to be intellectually scrutinized nor challenge one to ponder. It’s much ado about nothing.

  • Larry, thank you for posting this, I just sent a copy to all our staff.

    In fact, we all took a resort day off last week to think about how to re-invent ourselves, a meeting of staff to come up with a new plan for these coming months, a sort of new direction of our company.

    We concluded as did “Scott” that to be selective and sell to a newer breed of upper end clients. With this idea too, we are looking at moving our studio to a new location, where higher end clients live, that can afford our photography, want quality and can “pay for it”.

    We as Real Estate Photographers, can learn the same steps, upgrade your clients to make more money. Don’t get in the mud with the V-Tour group selling photos for $69 bucks, the Realtor who uses them will never use your services either.

    We did a e-mail marketing flyer on Thursday selected 92 high rollers in the Real Estate market, made them an offer for the next or a current house they have on the market and in less than 10 hours after the e-mail was delivered to folks we could never talk with before cold calling, 9 of them reply back, of these we are taking 7 homes next week, the other two are on their future use list, and all are homes in the 8,000 to 12,000 sq ft range, a step up in clients. I was surprised !! I will share with the group what happened and how we did it, when we are finished with the projects this coming week.

    My point is this all came from our “Apple” think tank, a day off we took with staff to “think” this past week, to duplicate what great companies have done, nothing more, and upgrade the clients was the idea we came up with, same as Scott, and this seems to work.


  • Dick,
    Late last year I made a harsh comment like yours in another forum. I found out quickly that it wasn’t appreciated by anyone and I never did get my point over.

    These forums are to help people and share ideas not hammer people.

    The point is lighten up, I did and I find using this forum and others is a better experience.

    P.S. I’ve already figured out that high end real estate is where the money and the fun is.

  • There is nothing new in this article, it’s been done the same way for decades. Larry, you said it yourself, market to the top 10 to 20% of the agents, they want the best work and will pay for it. That is what Apple does, they sell the best product to make the best profit to the ones who can afford it. I know photographers who will sell an 8×10 portrait for $20 and who have no time for the enjoyment of life and still be broke. I know others who sell an 8×10 for $600 and have time to enjoy life and still make money.

    It all comes down to producing high quality images and market to the top who can afford to pay what they are worth.

    By the way, I use a PC.

  • Jerry- Yes, you’re right this is an old principle that’s been around for a long time. The new and unexpected part is lesson that it still works during the worst economy anyone can remember. Quality appears to be even more important in a down economy.

  • Jerry hit the nail on the head as others have done above. Market yourself to the top tier available to you. In my market businesses are looking for results, not necessarily the cheapest way out. If you can’t get results in this market your going to be like the Virgin Records store above.
    As an Apple user I do have to remind Scott, the author of the subject of this article that Apples are machines and they do break down. It took two trips to the Apple store in the Gardens Mall in West Palm Beach to get service. And the people standing in the line that stretched to the front door of the store weren’t waiting to buy, they were waiting for service on everything from iPods to MacBooks to Mac Pros. Nothing that is manufactured is ever bullet proof. I thought that Scott’s article did need a dose of reality.
    Stay Focused,

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