Update On Real Estate Photography E-books

May 14th, 2009

I wanted to give everyone an update on what I’m doing with my real estate photography e-books.

First of all, after offering a hard copy version of the Photography For Real Estate e-book for the last three months, I’ve decided to discontinue hard copy completely and only do electronic distribution from now on. Hardly anyone is interested in hard copy while the the electronic versions of both the The Business Of Real Estate Photography and Photography For Real Estate are very popular. So this was an easy decision.

I’m now in the process of working on an update for The Business Of Real Estate Photography. I hope to have it finished by early summer. The update will focus on expanding the chapters on the marketing aspects of building a real estate photography business. I’m going to present marketing as a systematic approach for the independent real estate photographer. Successful businesses are built around systematic, proven business models. So I’m working on presenting exactly that for the independent real estate photographer.

I want to highlight the fact, for those not already familiar with the e-books, that both of these e-books are more than a book, they are a subscription to all future versions of the e-book. This is a field that is changing very rapidly both in technology and the business environment so it makes more sense to have books that evolve with the business.

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5 Responses to “Update On Real Estate Photography E-books”

  • I look forward to the update, even better its free if we have both e-books. I must say it was a font of great info

  • Thanks so much for these two great ebook resources. They’re worth every penny. I’m a full time Realtor and a part time Real Estate Photographer who has learned so much from the information you share. Looking forward to your updates!

  • Can’t wait!

  • Thanks Larry! I’m looking forward to the update. Any chance that you can make a version that “highlights” the changes or updates?

  • Larry,

    can’t wait for update. I really learned a great deal from your two books. In fact, they were the foundation of the business I started. I’ve been doing “artistic” photography for years. Real Estate/Architecture is a totally different bird. Doing away with hard copy is probably a good idea. I purchased the PDF versions and printed them and placed in a folder.

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