Using Two Monitors With Lightroom

May 11th, 2009

Ever since I started using a MacBook Pro, a couple of years ago, I’ve used an external monitor and keyboard but kept the laptop closed a ways away from the external monitor. But after reading Brandon Oelling’s post this weekend on I decided to use the MacBook Pro as a second monitor and try out the dual monitor capabilities of Lightroom.

As Brandon describes, “the main benefit of this setup is that the secondary display presents your image(s) regardless of what module you are in, without all the clutter of the module panels and the filmstrip – allowing you to focus on things like 1:1 previews, color, tone, etc.”

So far I’ve only been using dual monitors for about a day so I’m still getting used to it but it’s already starting to grow on me. Brandon claims this setup speeds up his work-flow by 25% because it eliminates a lot of switching between the Library module and the Develop module. Of course other applications like Photoshop can benefit from dual monitors.

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4 Responses to “Using Two Monitors With Lightroom”

  • Have to agree that using two monitors is a time saver. I love that feature.

    M. James

  • I had a relatively new ViewSonic monitor left over from my PC/Windows days that was doing nothing. When I found out about the 2 monitor feature in Lightroom 2, I plugged it into the iMac and presto I have a great two monitor setup. I’m already addicted to it.

  • I am an electrical estimator by day (photographer by weekend) and have been using two (or for a while 3) monitors at work for some time (on a PC). It does take a little getting used to but it speeds so many apps up! Moving data from one window to another, keeping an eye on my in-box, transposing information, it’s so much faster! I am looking forward to my new PC as I will be able to run multiple monitors at home too (for photography!)

  • While your at it Larry, did you know that you can do 2 monitors on Bridge too?

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