The New Zillow iPhone App

May 3rd, 2009

I just downloaded the new Zillow iPhone application and I’m blown away by how easy this makes it to access data that home buyers will love. Recently sold homes, homes currently on the market. I was particularly impressed that when I first brought the application up it was showing the data for my home where I was sitting with my iPhone. That’s what it’s suppose to do. As you walk or drive around it’s showing information for the neighborhood or home you are in. Very slick!

The home photos, if the home is on the market and the agent has loaded photos on Zillow, are easy to view, but don’t switch between portrait and landscape mode. This gives agents a reason to make sure their photos loaded on Zillow.

It seems to me this kind of access to real estate data is going to give Zillow a big edge. They claim they now have data on 88 million homes on Zillow. Who’s going to use a broker site when you can get access to data like this as you are in the neighborhood?

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9 Responses to “The New Zillow iPhone App”

  • Glad you like the app Larry! Now we just need more real estate agents uploading multiple photos to their listings.

  • Well, A lot of apps made for I-Phone are good apps. But as an agent I know that potential buyers will not forsake calling or looking at agent websites because of this app. Well lets hope not anyway. Lets not forget the RE work Photographers receive is from Real Estate agents, so I wouldn’t be too happy about Zillow usurping your potential revenue. Zillow has also been notorious for being very very unreliable with their info. It has been documented. Our listings are part of the feed that populates the site. There are also plenty of apps that agents use that have the same capabilities as this app if they choose to use them.
    PS. why wouldn’t it be advisable to switch from portrait to Landscape. AS agents we would always want to make sure our listings are portrayed in the best light. So what is the reason you are referring to, Ileen

  • @Ileen- My wife (a Realtor) has already scolded me for being so enthusiastic about a Zillow application. I know, there is much about Zillow that I don’t like… like Zestimate’s.

    I’m enthusiastic about this application because it such an innovative and easy for home buyers to access listing information, not because it’s Zillow. Broker sites could easily have an iPhone app just like this… iPhone apps are relatively easy do develop. My guess is that the innovative brokers will applications like this soon.

  • LOL. thank you so much to your wife. No offense we have just had so many issues with the validity with zillow in general. Even though our office feeds there as well. It is insane just to try and get the mls to make our systems Mac compatible that I may be 90 before they develop something like this for us to utilize. Every time I pop into Zillow I have a problem, my listing is there, then gone, then no contact info for me, then my name does not come up on a search. I guess a rant about zillow. And you are correct those zestimates are a joke. Thanks so much for making me feel that I am not nuts in relation to Zillow, Ileen

  • The commercials for the IPhone seem to focus more on using it for finding a rental instead of for finding a home for sale. I’m curious if the app for rentals have the same features?

  • Just downloaded the Zillow and had some of the same thoughts. Would love an option to drop some feedback though.

  • Is this app just for the US market

  • Ben- Probably… I don’t think Zillow is in AU yet.

  • As a luxury real estate agent in Boston, I thought this app would be extremely helpful. Sadly however, it is extremely behind in listed properties/sales/comps. Try the new Redfin app, seems to be a better platform as well as also being current. Email if you have any questions –

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