David Hobby’s No Cost Property Site

April 23rd, 2009

David Hobby, over at, gives a great example of how to put together a nice little no cost property site using the free blogs anyone can get at You can get similar blogs at for free. Wow, I hope David’s listing agent appreciates what a fantastic client she has. I’ve never seen a listing client do this much work to market their home, or one that shoots this kind of photos!

Free blogs are a wonderful resource. You can have as many of these blogs as you want. I always have ten or more of them at a time. I use them for things like family reunion photos and videos or other events. The biggest use I make of them is I create a blog for each listing my wife has and use it to give showing feedback (I ask every agent that shows the listing to give me feedback about what their client thought of the home) to the homeowner. Homeowners love the detailed feedback… unless it’s bad and then they hate it! But the detailed feedback makes it hard to hide from the truth.

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6 Responses to “David Hobby’s No Cost Property Site”

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  • I like it, and find that there are links to other nice examples of sellers doing their own marketing on David’s site.

    I certainly wish more realtors would see the value in learning how to write marketing copy descriptively and at length about their listings. If they did, they would easily see the value in using excellent photography to illustrate what they are saying. At least half of the message is missing without words, and each needs the other to be successful.

    The notions that ‘every picture tells a story’ or ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is is missing the point where marketing is concerned. A thousand words would take awhile to read: which few of those thousand words are the ones that you want your reader (the buyer) to focus on and remember? The photos combined with those unique-selling-point words would be the marketing message that will sell the property.

  • I think using a blog platform for property microsites has a lot of potential. For the moment at least they seem to have the right SEO juice to interest google, making a decent ranking easier to achieve.
    And pretty much everyone understands the blog concept, whereas a property microsite might need some explaining to a potential customer, especially this side of the pond where they are not so common.

  • That is a great idea. Most of my clients go the craigslist route on their own, but the blog forum has some great SEO capabilities and will give significant links of value back to the hosting site for their tours and realtor.

  • This post motivated me to delve a little deeper into the blogosphere. I found a good article explaning what Ian mentioned in the post above.

    I plan to create a blog for my company on every free blog site I can find. So far, I have created three. They are pretty bland, but following the lead of the info I found, the only thing to do in order to have your site rank higher is to post comments frequently. I have the info on the blogs.

    Here are the three I have done:


  • Sorry, I really messed up those last 2 url’s!

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