Tourbuzz Makes Some Significant Upgrades

April 21st, 2009

Last week the guys (Alan Pristein and Paul Rodman) announced that their new Flash player is in beta. I think the new, low profile, hide-able thumbnail controller bar is a great addition. Here is what the new player looks like. They’ve been polling users to see what people think about removing the older style thumbnails along the left. A great way to do design… get input from users!

The feature I like best of this new player is that it will automatically pan through a mixture of 360s and still photos in a continuous automatic show and loop to the beginning when it gets to the end. The other significant feature they’ve added is that there is “Ken Burns panning” on all the still photos. A slight panning movement on stills gives the viewer the feeling of video with out actually having video.

Here is a list of all the major new features in their new player:

  • Auto-playing slide-show feature across panos and stills, users can also jump directly to any image
  • Embeddable – tours can now be embedded in any web page, just like a YouTube video
  • Extremely fast loading and easy to use
  • “Video” Tour Effect; All stills and panoramas are constantly in motion, making the tour seem like a video
  • Improved panorama and still display quality and resolution
  • Loop-forever mode for use in real estate offices, trade shows, and sales centers
  • Foundation for the future: hotspots, interactive floor plans, video, and cinematic transitions

To me Tourbuzz is getting to be a really good value, particularly if you shoot 360s.

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4 Responses to “Tourbuzz Makes Some Significant Upgrades”

  • Hey Larry-

    Thanks for the post and the positive feedback. We’ve been working very hard on this release! Developing the player with frequent beta releases to customers has been very helpful. Early and frequent customer feedback has definitely shaped the project for the better.


  • Paul and Alan are great to deal with! Extrememly quick responses to questions. My clients have been happy with the new-style 360 tour.

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  • The new player looks great but I wish they would update the interface. It doesn’t match the beautiful new thumbnail player at all. If they give the rest a makeover, I will definitely switch to tourbuzz exclusively.

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