Adding A Branding Header To Slideshow Pro Tours

April 16th, 2009

Yesterday while working with Dale, who purchased my Business of Real Estate Photography e-book, and was trying to use the branding box HTML that is in the book, I discovered that the newest 1.4 version of Slideshow Pro for Lightroom broke my branding box HTML code. This is the trouble with writing HTML for someone else’s product

Using HTML to put a branding box on the top of Slideshow Pro slide shows always felt a little involved to me. That’s probably why not many photographers have used the technique. This is what the HTML branding box looked like.

The current version of Slideshow Pro has the ability to put what it calls a “logo” (GIF or JPG) above the slide show. And if you just create a rectangular banner in Photoshop that’s the same width as the slide show it works well as a branding box. Just put all the branding information in this rectangular JPG and you can add a link if you want. Here is an example of what using a JPG branding box above the slide show (I have not added a link to the JPG). This technique is much easier for most photographers than using the HTML branding box. In Lightroom you just enable the header feature by clicking the Header check-box, add a URL that points to the header JPG or GIF (this header graphic has to be uploaded to some online location so you can point to it), minimize the space between the header and the slide show and you are done.

Since I’m in the process of doing an update for the Business of Real Estate Photography e-book I’ve decided to incorporate this JPG branding technique in the e-book replacing the HTML method that was previously in the book.

Update: Dale just told me he got my branding box HTML to work for Slideshow Pro 1.4 so a fix is possible. Here’s what Dale’s solution looks like.

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9 Responses to “Adding A Branding Header To Slideshow Pro Tours”

  • Hi Larry,

    Is it possible to sent a show of the new slideshowpro-version via email?


  • I’d noticed the same thing. I wish there was a bit more control in Lightroom for lining up the logo, though it wouldn’t matter much if you are doing the same width as the slideshow. The only real loss with this method is the availability of hyperlinks, such as Google maps or floor plans. About the only thing you can do is a hyperlink for the entire banner taking you to another web site with the hyperlinks we used to be able to include in the HTML branding box. At any rate, it certainly is easier to do this method in Lightoom, and I really, really like the new SlideShowPro (especially with director)!!!

  • @John- I think it’s possible with some embed HTML… I know I promised I’d look into that to someone… you I think. I just send a e-mail to Todd Dominey the SSPro developer asking him how to do it. I’ll get back to you.

    @Aaron- See my update in the post with a link to Dale Clark’s solution to the HTML required to put the branding box on a version 1.4 SSPro slide show.

  • Larry, I’ve been creating my own slide show using Slide Show Pro for Lightroom for about the last week. I woke up at 5:30 this morning (on a Saturday) just so I could start figuring out how to add a header so I can then start the process of getting my format approved by my MLS. I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EYES when I saw your article in my e-mail box titled “ADDING A BRANDING HEADER TO SLIDE SHOW PRO TOURS”!!! It just was too coincidental and it just saved me hours and hours of work. THANK YOU for this blog!!! I just had to share.

  • @John- Here is what SSPro support says about embeding SSPro in e-mail: “You could embed the slideshow on an email by following any tutorial on embedding flash content on an email. Only things to look out for is that the embed code for the slideshow will need to have a base parameter set to “.” so the relative files (xml and images) can be properly found.

    One thing to consider is that most modern email systems will mark as spam any email that contains flash objects directly on the email body.”

    Here is a tutorial:

  • […] Source and Read More: […]

  • You can also take ssp it to the next level by spending a little time up front learning some flash basics – then you have complete control over every aspect of presentation. Wrap it all into a properly meta-tagged html page and you’ve got a pretty rock-solid listing site that helps sell your photography services as well as the agent and property. It also makes incorporating floorplans, maps, etc. a whole easier and the feedback has all been quite positive.

    Some examples here:

  • Larry, did Dale share with you the details of how he accomplished adding a html branding box to his SSP 1.4 slide show? I’d love to learn more about his “fix”.

  • I would know if is possible add on facebook fan page an virtual tours. Because I saw a lot of people are creating an listing of real estate facebook fan page. Maybe add an slideshow.

    Thank you for all information, Larry your website is perfect to help people. Our simple problem is difficult used your technology in South American. We have technology but people not create website.

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