US Photography Jobs Up In Q4 of 2008

April 13th, 2009

Last month PDN reported that the number of people in photography related jobs is up even though the percentage of photographers that consider themselves unemployed is also up.

The article pointed out that “Photography stood out from most other artistic professions, however, for growing the number of people employed in the work force. Other artistic professions, including musicians, designers and actors, show flat or declining numbers“.

One of the situations that these kind of census surveys tend to not characterize very well is part time photographers. Doing real estate photography part time is actually the most common situation. As our poll “Do you do real estate photography full or part time?” shows. Only about 32% of readers taking the poll do real estate photography full time.

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5 Responses to “US Photography Jobs Up In Q4 of 2008”

  • A lot of part-timers are jumping into the business. Many people have lost their “real jobs” and are now trying to follow their passion for photography. The problem is that newbies will shoot for dirt cheap.

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  • Newbies tend to think that owning a pro-sumer camera makes them a photographer. They shoot in “auto”, let the camera do the thinking for them, and mash the button – viola, “Hey, I made a pit’cher.” They have no sense of light or composition. They haven’t paid the price to earn the moniker and I wish they’d stay in their proverbial closet and leave the profession to the professionals, or get a freakin’ education and earn the right to have the title. Okay, I’m jumping down from my soapbox. Thanks for allowing me the vent platform.

  • In all fairness, with all due respect to the professional photographers established in the industry:
    As a semi “Newbie” to the buisness aspect of photography, do you not remember when your passion for photography made you strive to ahieve a name for yourself? When you were not yet so established and had to find your own way to get your foot in the door? To learn? To have your talent introduced to the world? I apologize that you feel we are taking your jobs, that is not our intention. We simply want the same things as you… If you don’t feel our skills are not as profound as yours, then you should use your talent to guide and teach us… not shun and demean us. Thank you

  • I understand both points of view. However, too many give their services away for free. I know tons of GWC- Guys with Cameras who only shoot models TFCD because they have no other way of meeting women. They do it for free and models now expect we should all shoot for free. However, when you shoot with all L-series lens, RAW and have thousands of dollars in studio strobes and thousands of hours experience why would I shoot for free or Trade. I want to trade my time for their money….

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