Seattle Eastside Realtor Does Video Tours With 5D MkII

March 30th, 2009

Long time PFRE reader and Seattle Eastside Realtor, Tony Meier is breaking new ground by doing his own video tours. Tony showed me this video tour that he’d shot with his Canon 5D MkII, 17-40mm lens, one meter slide and 501HDV panning head.

Tony is understandably proud of this tour. I think he did a great job both shooting the tour and narrating. Tony was inspired by and got many of the details on how to assemble a slide from Paul Huskinson’s post in the PFRE flickr discussion group. For post processing, he converted all the raw video in CineForm NeoScene to an AVI file then added music and voice-over in Sony Vegas Platinum.

Good show Tony, keep up the good work!

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2 Responses to “Seattle Eastside Realtor Does Video Tours With 5D MkII”

  • Hi Larry,

    Thanks for posting my video! I am honored that my first “official try” at a video tour made the PFRE cut! I have long enjoyed your blog and it’s nice to be able to add to the content.

    One suggestion I would have for anyone considering the one meter slide setup (as referrenced in Paul’s post above) is get a heavy tripod such as the Bogen 475B.

    I have the Bogen 190XB tripod which is great unit for stills and panning. However, with the slide… the camera is hanging a half a meter to the side and can tip easily. (Not what you want to do with the 5D MkII) Needless to say, the 475B is on a UPS truck headed my way this week! πŸ™‚ I also recommend adding additional weight to the tripod for added stability.

    Tony Meier

  • In case anyone else is interested in how the 5D MkII does as a video camera, here is one I put together yesterday:

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