Finnish Tour Provider Looking for US and CA Partner

March 30th, 2009

I’ve been talking to Mika Seppala , a Finnish tour provider that’s looking for one or more partners in the United States, Canada and other countries to develop and market this kind of Monoslideshow like tour. Mika calls his tours ShowAdd.

Here’s Mika’s description of the product and what he is looking for:

ShowAdd is virtual tour made from pictures, with video like effects.

ShowScreen in online solution for info-screen marketing, suitable for real estate agency windows and video screens. It is consisting from multiple ShowAdd`s, usually 4-8 at one time, changing content in every 30 seconds or so.

Technical specifications

  • Supports all major browsers, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera
  • Viewing Shows requires Flash® player 7 or higher
  • Running on linux server + apache + mysql
  • Includes customizable imaging software [sharpening, gamma, etc.]

What we are looking for?
A partner to found a company in target country. We are looking for partner in all countries except in Finland, but mainly in United States and Canada. Tasks for partner would be marketing, founding process, translating publishing tool [if language other than English], acquiring needed operator services [data and server] and handle local accounting [outsourced or otherwise].

For more information in partnership and other matters, please contact

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3 Responses to “Finnish Tour Provider Looking for US and CA Partner”

  • I am not sure what’s the cathc of introducing all these new slideshow implementations. Aren’t there already enough different kind of programs/bundles which can do exact those things? For example
    I am not saying that competition is bad 🙂
    I am also saying that content (=good photography,video,virtual tours) is the king 🙂

  • Main goal in our implementation was to automate slideshow creation process. This player was best candidate to do that [we also considered slideshowpro but it lacked some needed effects]. One of key elements in our system are video-like effects and background image processing. Image processing is here set only sharpening, but it can do basically any predefined operation similarly when picture is uploaded [crop, custom frames, added logos, etc].
    User interface is made simple to use, publishing works in real-time and what is most important, it is very low-cost when compared to 360 products [this product is meant to compete only with common 360
    tours, used in property marketing, not high quality and more expensive ones] .



  • I am a Managing Broker in Real Estate with post gradute & professional qualifications. I wish to join you.
    TrafalgarManagement Ltd.,
    7531 – 10 th Ave.,
    BURNABY, B.C., V3N 2S1

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