The Move to Squarespace Was A Bust!

March 27th, 2009

Wow! Ugly day today grubbing around in in DNS zone files, talking to web hosting tech support and doing a lot of swearing.

Now that I’ve had a glass of wine and my blood pressure is back down I can talk about it without swearing.

Long and short of it is that PFRE cannot be moved to Squarespace. Because the company where the PFRE domain name is hosted ( can’t (or more accurately, won’t) point the domain to Squarespace. I’ve moved the blog three times before so I foolishly thought this move would be a snap. Wrong!

The key message I want to pass on to any one thinking of using Squarespace is to be careful where you register your domain name. Not all domain name hosting services are flexible enough to point at Squarespace.  Squarespace is different than most hosting services in that your individual server apparently doesn’t have a fixed IP address. This has reliability and maintenance benefits but there are some downsides. The following domain hosting services (where you register you domain name) CAN point to Squarespace:

  • Dotster
  • Network Solutions
  • Nettia <- recommended by Squarespace
  • eNom
  • Dreamhost
  • GoDaddy

Many other domain hosting services won’t work. So we’ll be here on WordPress for a while.

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11 Responses to “The Move to Squarespace Was A Bust!”

  • Transfer your domain to a different registrar. Once your domain is transferred, i.e. to GoDaddy. Simply adjust your DNS settings from there.

  • Yes, after today’s exercise I’ll probably be transferring all of my domains to another registrar. But before I transfer the domain for PFRE I’d like to test out the process with another domain that doesn’t have as high a traffic as this one.

  • Fair enough. However transferring your domain won’t have any effect on this website, there will be 0 downtime. The transfer of the domain will transfer its existing DNS settings.

  • Larry-

    The quickest solution here is to use GoDaddy as your DNS provider, it’s called Off-Site DNS:

    You can leave your domain at the current registrar and just change the DNS servers to point to GoDaddy and then have complete control over your DNS. Lack of control over DNS is the #1 problem for webmasters trying to manage things and it’s critical to have your own good DNS system. In today’s world you should NEVER be messing with zone files directly, it’s just not necessary. GoDaddy is a great way to solve this problem.

    You could get this done today if you use the above setup.

    Once you have migrated your site then you can deal with transferring domains if you still want to. I really like GoDaddy for domain and DNS management. I highly recommend them to all of our customers.

    Good luck.


  • I have been using GoDaddy since 06, never had any DNS or pointing issues… Cant recomend them as the *best* hosting provider but they do a pretty good job for me and 20 of my clients.

  • Larry, They can’t stop you from moving the domain. You own the domain therefore you have the right to move it where you want. I had the same problem about a year ago with ipowerweb(the worst…please don’t ever use them)

    I will do some searching for info that may help.
    Good Luck

  • Alan- Wow off-site DNS looks like a great feature! An I know I can delegate to any other DNS servers because because that’s how I’m running now. Thanks.

  • Hi Larry,
    I got your email broadcast and was about to respond with information about Godaddy’s services as a solution, but then I saw that you already got these excellent answers. So all I can add is I’ve shared your frustration. Keep up the good work!

  • Try

    im pretty sure they solve the problem you are having.

  • I can also suggest GoDaddy as well. I’ve been using them for about 10 years now and am more than satisfied. I switched to hosing my sites there as well and so far, so good! They give me all the tools I need to do what I want. I have used other hosts with some easier to use tools, but for what I’m paying and the flexibility I have with GoDaddy, I’ll trade off a few extra mouse clicks to get something done!

  • Would just like to second that I had no problems with – easy and fast.

    Thank you for the info.

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