How to Build A Portfolio Website With Lightroom

March 12th, 2009

Sean McCormack recently released version 2.0 of his LRB Portfolio which is a slide show template for Lightroom that allows you to create a complete portfolio website with a Home, About, Mail and Contact page and up to six photo galleries. Here is an example of the kind of site the LRB Portfolio will build.

What this means for a real estate photographer that is using Lightroom, is that you can build a pretty respectable looking site for the cost of LRB Portfolio (10 EURs=$13.15 USD) plus the hosting cost ($6.95/mo at someplace like Updating the galleries is a breeze, just prepare the photos you want in Lightroom and re-upload them in the Web module of Lightroom. You can do this all with out hacking HTML!

One of the things I really like about the design of Sean’s slide shows is it’s the only slide show format I’ve seen that provides a clean way of mixing portrait mode and landscape mode that looks smooth and elegant.

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5 Responses to “How to Build A Portfolio Website With Lightroom”

  • Larry,
    What do you think about the practice of putting copyright notices on each photo? I see that Sean does on most of his. It seems redundant and too “in your face” advertising, In Sean’s case, it seems overly protective since you can’t right click on any photo and download it. I suppose if you put a high definition photos up on the internet, you might want some protection. Then again, why put high def photos up there anyway? The only advertising I get is from my logo and click connection to my website from my virtual tours. My Realtors don’t seem to mind this small measure of advertising.

  • Mike- Having a copyright notice on you images is usually done for more of a deterrent from getting images stolen an used in ways you don’t approve of than advertising.

    I agree, a copyright notice on every image is a bit in your face.

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  • This looks nice. Other options include templates from The Turning Gate and LightroomGalleries.

  • Actually that copyright notice is editable in the gallery, so a user can add whatever message they like in the footer. You could for example add a contact number.

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