Enter The Inman News Photo Contest – Win $200

March 10th, 2009

Thanks to Sabrina Huang for pointing out that Inman News is having a real estate photo contest. Here is an opportunity to pick up a $200 gift and some great Realtor exposure. Many top Realtors read Inman News so PFRE photographers and PFRE Idols especially, get out there and get some exposure! You people should be able to crush the competition! Deadline is March 31. See the entries at:

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5 Responses to “Enter The Inman News Photo Contest – Win $200”

  • I dont know if it’s a real Estate Photo contest actually… Read carefully “your best single photo that captures the state of the residential real estate market

    Good luck everybody. And may the Gods of Photography be with you!

  • It is definitely a contest…

    But, submitting a picture of a listing might not be the smartest choice for your single entry.

    We want photos that tell a story. So, show us what you’ve got!

  • Morning,

    The Inman link doesn’t work. it’s easy enough to change it it my address bar…just thought you might like to fix it here!


  • […] Source and Read More: […]

  • This is not a contest for the best RE photo. It is a contest for the “best single photo that captures the state of the residential real estate market”. Also, “The photo should tell a story about the housing market and it should not be a marketing or promotional photo for a particular property, company, business model or individual.”

    It’s still an interesting contest though.


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