Squarespace: A Slick New Approach To Building Websites

March 6th, 2009

Anyone who is thinking about creating or overhauling a website should take a close look at Squarespace offers an “drag-and-drop” approach to building a website. This technique is somewhere between writing your own HTML and using a template type of site. The benefit of using Squarespace is you end-up with a site that has the look and feel of a custom designed site yet anyone (no programming experience necessary) can build it themselves. You can easily extend and modify any of their pre-designed styles.

As someone who comes from a software development background I find this new approach to site design very exciting. I’m looking at moving the PFRE blog to Squarespace. This type of site design is well suited to photographer websites. Here is an example of a photographer that is using Squarespace. There are many styles of customizable galleries.

Apparently, the hosting design of Squarespace is as innovative at the layout design features. You can start out as low cost as $8/month and grow your site as needed without relocating to a different server. I’ve been monitoring the response of the test site I have there now and the response time is very consistent, reliable and close to three times as fast as other sites I have for the same price. So far I’m very impressed.

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One Response to “Squarespace: A Slick New Approach To Building Websites”

  • I use two different Squarespace sites for my businesses, and I LOVE them. I am very proficient with computers, programming, coding, etc., and I’ve been building and publishing sites since about 1995.

    Squarespace is the best – it is phenomenally easy to start, customize, and update. It is also easy to integrate third party software and providers with my Squarespace accounts. For example, the my client galleries are hosted by another vendor (, but it all looks pretty seamless at It took literally 2 minutes from start to finish to get the gallery to embed in my regular website.

    By the way, I’m not affiliated with Squarespace at all, I’m just a happy customer (spending about $250 a year with them).

    If you’re curious, my sites are at and Larry, if it isn’t appropriate to link my sites, feel free to remove.

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