JP Caponigro Talks About The Aesthetics Of HDR

February 27th, 2009

I just noticed that has an article by John Paul Caponigro titled “Aesthetics Of XDR – Using Extended Dynamic Range techniques judiciously will keep you from taking a good thing too far“. In addition to the article above, JP has been doing a series on what he calls XDR for a while. Here are links to the series:

  1. Introduction to XDR
  2. XDR Part II
  3. XDR Part III
  4. XDR Part IV

This series of articles is a worthwhile read for anyone interested in shooting HDR.

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2 Responses to “JP Caponigro Talks About The Aesthetics Of HDR”

  • Wow, that’s a very comprehensive look. Interesting that he shows how to do a lot of work with blended layers in photoshop yet doesn’t discuss HDR tools in much detail at all… to me HDR tools are far quicker to work with than messing with tons of layers. However, I can see that the blended layers approach offers better “control” over the blended exposure than most HDR programs do. Most HDR programs, although they have adjustment knobs, have always been kinda “tweak and pray” that it comes out how you like. It’s tough to directly control the “dimension” you want to adjust, so I do see the value of messing with layers. Alternatively, QTPFSGUI offers many different tonemapping algorithms that offer different “knobs” that do different things.

    Two other points he makes that are noteworthy:

    1. “When shooting RAW files, favor overexposure rather than underexposure”. This is due to the way the camera sensors work, and will yield better results with less noise. Good to know!

    2. Cameras will eventually record HDR directly.

    This is *very* important. It’s something that you don’t see talked about much, but to me it’s an obvious direction for improving digital photography in the future. I predict that there will be cameras that capture HDR directly within 2 years. In fact after a quick check on google looks like Fuji has just released a first-gen HDR sensor:


  • <>

    Interesting! I always thought it was the other way around. Learn something new every day!

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