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February 18th, 2009

One of the most important parts of building a successful business as a real estate photographer is being able quickly and clearly communicate why photography is important to selling real estate. I know, this is intuitively obvious to the most casual observer. But if you’ve talked to Realtors you will find that only the top and most successful Realtors understand this. The rest require education and marketing. To be effective, you need facts and data and you need to be able to talk or write convincingly about this subject.

Over the last three or four years I’ve collected important links that are useful in marketing. I’ve finally found a convenient way to collect and pass on these links to readers. It’s called It’s a way to keep, organize and share bookmarks in a public way. My delicious site is I’m keeping more than just marketing bookmarks here but right now but most are marketing related. I’ve put a link to my delicious site on the right side-bar under “Other Links”.

For example, there have been three major newspaper articles in the last couple of years that all real estate photographers should be familiar with. I’ve done posts on all of these articles but they may hard to find on the blog. The best is Vivian Toy’s article in the New York Times that was published in Feb of 2007. Don’t miss the little video along the left-hand side near the top. I notice that many real estate photographers refer to this article from their web sites. There is something about an article from a newspaper of record that adds weight to your marketing copy. The LA Times article disappeared for many months but I’m glad to see it’s back online.

Another important link is the 2006 NAR study that most of these articles refer to. This is where the much used “81% of home buyers start their home search on the Internet” comes from.

Update: I’ve added the latest 2008 NAR survey results, that only covers through mid-2008. The significant result from this study is: “Buyers used a variety of resources in searching for a home: 87 percent used the Internet, 85 percent used a real estate agent, 62 percent yard signs, 48 percent attended open houses and 47 percent looked at print or newspaper ads.

There are many other links here from sites like, Realtor sites etc. I’m still in the process of getting all the links of real estate photography interest on this list and organized. If you know of a significant link I should have on here leave me a comment and I’ll get it on here.

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  • Larry,

    The latest NAR survey indicates that 87% of home buyers used the Internet in the their home search.

  • David- Thanks for the update. I added that link.

  • Great idea to add this link, Larry. Thank you.


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  • This video helps to makes some good points.

  • Lee- Thanks, I just added on the list.

  • My clients have come to realize that a compelling online presentation is critical to marketing a property.

    What many real estate agents have yet to realize is that we are now in the era of “Curb Appeal 2.0” because with a click of the mouse, you’re now inside the house. Gone are the days where curb appeal was defined by having a tidy front yard. With over 90% of home buyers searching for their next home online their initial impression takes place in the privacy of their own home without the pressure of a sales person and the thing that they pay the most attention to is the photography. If the photos don’t inspire them, they click BACK and all the marketing, staging, advertising, self-promotion, and sweat are lost.
    Real estate agents often state, “Pictures don’t sell the house”. While that may may or may not be true, one thing that is indisputable is this: Poor photos will absolutely kill your chance of even getting the buyer to visit the house in person.

    My message to agents (and homeowners putting their home on the market) is this: If you want to give yourself the best advantage in the market, invest in professional staging and bring in a photographer that is skilled at shooting architecture – just because your cousin Vinny shoots weddings doesn’t guarantee you’ll end up with photos that will inspire buyers. Interior photography takes talent, skill, and lighting equipment.

    Here is a great before / after comparison of agent photography and professional photography of the same home with the same exact staging.

    Which presentation would you want for your property?

    Jay Groccia, Principal Photographer
    OnSite Studios™

  • Like your article. The selling of homes today requires the use of a good photographer, the internet and pictures more than ever before.

  • Thank you for the great research statistics. I have always been curious to see that the top agents use our services, but struggling agents in the same office do not. The lead by example factor just does not seem to translate throughout the real estate industry as much as we all would like.

  • How do I upgrade the Photography for Real Estate 2007?

  • Good posts. My real estate clients have been especially tough in recent years. Insisting that their own point-and-shoot pictures are sufficient.

    I’ve added you to my delicious network. Mine is at

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