Real Estate Photography 101

February 15th, 2009

After some recent discussions with readers, I’ve come to realize that I’ve never done a post that covers the whole process of learning to do real estate photography. I’ve done posts on nearly every aspect of getting started but I’ve never tied it together. Here is a macro level look at the steps with links to relevant previous posts and flickr discussion group topics :

Equipment, Software and Technique

  1. What equipment do you need? See this post. And this post for help choosing a lens. Also, see the lenses page.
  2. What approach to lighting will you use? See this post.
  3. What post processing software will you use? See this post.
  4. And see this post for the basic work flow help.
  5. This subject is also summarized in my PFRE e-book.


  1. How do you create a portfolio? Find new construction model homes in new neighborhoods. Ask the site agent permission to shoot photos. New model homes are always better than private homes because:
    • No one lives in the model home so there is no one to be upset about privacy issues.
    • Builder model homes are always staged by professional stagers/interior designers.
    • Builder model homes are open on weekends and frequently on some weekdays.
  2. Do you need a web site to get started? See this post.
  3. Specifically who are local prospects for clients? See this post.
  4. How do you decide what to charge? See this post.  and this post.
  5. How do you start getting work? See this post.
    Also take a look at Scott Hargis’s post in the flickr group.
  6. This subject is also summarized in my Business of Real Estate Photography e-book.

Also for beginner or experienced real estate photographer don’t forget that there is a huge wealth of information on the PFRE flickr discussion group. In the discussion group you get the benifit of a wide variety of opinions. One place to start it the PFRE flickr FAQ. The flickr discussion group is searchable.

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