Hardcopy Of Photography For Real Estate Book Available

February 9th, 2009

I’ve decided to test the demand for a hard copy version of my Photography For Real Estate book. Up to this time it’s only been available in e-book form.

I’ve known for a while that many people would rather read a book the traditional way and not have to print the book themselves to do so. So I’m going find out how many people feel that way. The first time I realized that the concept of e-books was foreign to many people was when I told my wife’s broker about the book. She wanted to see a copy and the concept of an e-book was a mystery to her. She’d never heard of an e-book. I even offered a copy to everyone in my wife’s office and only 1 out of 80 agents took me up on my offer.

The book is 8.5″ x 11″, color laser printed on 24 lb paper and Unibind bound with heavy plastic front and back. For now I have a limited production capacity.

I’m selling the hard copy for the same price ($35 USD) plus shipping and handling but of course you don’t get all future updates to the hard copy version, just the current version. You can order the hard copy at the bottom of the book order page.

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6 Responses to “Hardcopy Of Photography For Real Estate Book Available”

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  • I was wondering if you considered publishing the book via one of the print on demand publishers like Lulu Press ( Seems to me to be significantly easier than actually printing them yourself.


  • Scott- Yes, I’ve looked at many, if not all, of these on demand publishing sites. Depending on the demand, I may eventually go with one of them if the demand justifies the extra work. There are a number of downsides… most of the on demand publishing is setup for BW, with some publishers I’d have to change my format slightly, etc

    I’m not all that sure that people would rather have a hard copy than an e-book that gets updated several times a year. That’s what I’m trying to find out.

    I know non-technical Realtors would rather have a hard copy but we don’t have that many of those here.

  • I love everything about your site…
    I love your postings…
    so it is with reluctance that i have to say…

    looking at the cover of the book …it looks very unappealing design wise…like an instructional book from the 70’s…I would consider a rework of the cover… because, after all, many people do judge a book by its cover…

  • I’ve found that offers a great quality printing service. I’ve printed a couple books for personal use. They do print in colour. Might want to check that out.

  • @will – Thanks for the feedback! The reason I haven’t put more time and energy into designing the cover is that 99.99% of the books I sell are in E-book form (.PDF) and the cover is not as important for an e-book as it is for hardcopy books sold on a bookstore.

    @Richard- Thanks for the suggestion. Since I started offering a hard copy version of the Photography For Real Estate Book early in Feb, I’ve only sold a few hard copy versions and a huge number of e-book versions. I’ve come to the conclusion that it makes no sense whatever to sell a hard copy version of this type of book. It’s more important to give people regular updates than a hard copy.

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