New Types of Real Estate Photographer Directory Entries

February 7th, 2009

At the request of directory customers I’ve created two new types of REP directory entries:

  1. A premium directory entry: Back in October Vicaso asked to buy a special directory entry at the top instead of having a directory entry for each office. So the help of the Vicaso I came up with the premium directory entry. It costs $1,000/year. Position at the top is first-come-first-serve.
  2. A hot pink directory entry: Another directory customer wanted their directory entry to stand out without purchasing a premium entry. So I invented the hot pink directory entry. I know… but it’s all about catching the customers eye right? This entry is probably of most interest to people in large metro areas that have many entries in the same city. There’s not much point in this feature if you are the only RE photographer for miles around. This directory entry costs $80/year.

So, because of these additions, there are now four different purchase buttons on the signup page. Three for the three different types of directory entries, and one for anyone that wants to upgrade their current directory entry to the new hot pink entry.

My main goal for the directory is to keep it working as well as it is for everyone. The directory page itself has number one ranking in Google (Google now does 71% of all searches) for the search term “real estate photography”. The PFRE blog front page (one click from the directory) has number one ranking in all four of the top search engines (Google, Yahoo, and for the search term “real estate photography” and number one ranking for the search term “real estate photographer” in all but Yahoo. The only way I can get higher in Yahoo for this term is to buy a domain that has “real estate photographer” in it. At Yahoo the domain name carries more weight than content. If anyone has any ideas about the directory  let me know, I’m alway’s open to ways to make it work better for you.

Update: There was one thing I forgot. If you do work in more than one state, I’ll be happy to list you in more than one state. Just send me an email and I’ll setup more entries for you.

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12 Responses to “New Types of Real Estate Photographer Directory Entries”

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  • Curious, can you explain how the directory is organized. It appears to be somewhat alphabetical, yet it is not consistently alphabetical. It appears that it is alphabetical by Country, then state, but then it comes to city or person/company name, it is not.

    Is it organized by the way or order that one registers?


  • Gar- I got sloppy a while back and wasn’t keeping it in alphabetical order. Recently, someone pointed out that it needed to be fixed so I worked on it to get it alphabetized but I just went over it and you are right… there are sill errors.

    My intention is to have it sorted by country, by state, by city and then by photographer last name or business name.

    UPDATE: As of 2/8 @ 1:15 Pacific, I have it in alphabetical order as described above. I got it all in a spread sheet and sorted it… I should have done that before.

  • Great Post

  • I think it should be alphabetized by the photographer’s first name regardless of geographical location ;-)….

  • One thing that’s weird is that there are both individual cities, and “geographic areas” that overlap. For example, Oakland & San Francisco are both listed separately, but then so is “SF Bay Area”. Since I’m listed under “Bay Area”, people looking in either ‘Oakland’ or ‘San Francisco’ are unlikely to find me, since alphabetically they are separated.

  • Larry,

    In the case of someone who purchased their ad back in the “Lifetime Listing” days, how does the highlighted ad effect that? If I upgrade will I then be paying $80 a year for the ad? I think it is worth the cost in most cases but I am interested in the answer before I decide if I will upgrade or not.


  • Larry,
    Take a turn from RE listing search software. No alphabetized list – just maps. Click on the continent, country, state, county, city, etc. See one example for this at:

  • Scott- The reason the geographic the geographic areas and cities are the way they are is I’ve been letting people put whatever they want in the city field. I figure each person will know the best geographic term(s) to use that will be most meaning full to potential clients. As, I say I’m open to multiple entries.

    ChrisK- $20 one time upgrade will just upgrade a lifetime listing to a lifetime highlighted listing. It doesn’t make sense to me to start charging people monthly that I previously committed to do a lifetime listing for a onetime price.

  • Mike,
    There a lot of problems with the map style directory:

    1. Search engines can’t crawl it so people listed in it wouldn’t be found by search engines.
    2. Take’s too many clicks to where you want to go. You loose more people each click you make people take.
    3. My directory is worldwide- building the maps for the the area my directory covers is a huge undertaking.

    Thanks for the suggestion but I don’t think it would be effective for this purpose.

  • Larry,

    As far as feedback goes, I do not feel the initial place to click for the REP directory does not stand out on your blog page. I do not think a first-time visitor (Realtor®) will easily find the link. It may be true that most hits come from search engines rather than the menu link. But, this is the only reason I have not signed up.

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