Phanfare A Photosharing Site With Attractive Slide Shows

February 3rd, 2009

Recently I discovered, a photosharing site that has pretty nice Flash slide shows. I ran across the site because Michael Burke of uses a phanfare slide show for his Architectural photo gallery.

I like this slide show format because the photos are LARGE. The are as big as your browser screen and have a full screen mode, it does Ken Burns panning and it has a nifty little control that gets out of the way while you aren’t using it.

I think one has to be careful how you use slide shows like these. It’s easy to slide into thinking of this as a real estate virtual tour. Of course, it isn’t because:

  1. You can’t do much to control branding.
  2. The terms of service on sites like this talk about the service being “non-commercial” although you need to be a lawyer to determine what the words really mean.
  3. It doesn’t look as professional as a real professionally designed tour.

On the other hand these kind of services and slide shows really show off photography compared to tiny MLS photos. A slide show like this can be handy for a showing off your photos in many of situations. seems to have many features beyond most photo sharing sites like:

  1. Printing of books and cards.
  2. iPhone support.
  3. Uploading from Lightroom, Aperture and iPhoto.
  4. Free up to 1 Gig of storage.
  5. Support for video.

I haven’t explored all of these features but this seems to be a very complete photo sharing service.

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5 Responses to “Phanfare A Photosharing Site With Attractive Slide Shows”

  • This is nice. Thanks for posting. I would say the Ken Burns needs a little optimizing as it is a little choppy in my browser. Much better just leaving it off for me.

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  • I use Phanfare for my slideshows and while it is not perfect, it is very fast. Name it upload it and copy the lnik and email it. Typically I have the images uploading as I am creating the brochure or editing the next set of images. The cost is also bery good…. unlimited shows for under 60 USD.

    M. James

  • I have used phanfare since 2007. My clients have loved the full screen images. But the downsides are the inability to link to, the lack of agent name and contact info, as well as the occasional downtime with phanfare. I was having to create a separate video file for as they do not allow linking of sub domains. Sooo, I have added a lightroom slideshow that I host as an alternative. I use both, giving my clients the choice. A handful will not switch over to the lightroom veriosn as they prefer the full screen images on phanfare. Anyone know of a lightroom plugin with a full screen image option?

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