Meet The PFRE Idol Winner For February: Sylvia Guardia M

February 1st, 2009

Congratulations to Sylvia Guardia M who’s image above was voted winner of the PFRE Idol award. See this flickr discussion thread to see other photos and how the voting came out. Sylvia lives in San Jose Costa Rica, is 25 years old and graduated in Photography from the Veritas University, Costa Rica in 2004. Her web site is: Sylvia says:

“I started doing commercial photography for hotels first, in 2006. In February 2007 I started offering 360 degree panoramic and spherical tours, and that led me to do some real estate photography soon afterward. Since then, I’ve been taking pictures for real estate developers, along with pictures for hotels, architects, interior designers, etc… I’m always reading and learning through the internet. Through I’ve learned a lot from people that kindly share their techniques and experience with the rest. I believe since I started reading blogs, forums, and other discussions in the internet, my pictures have improved a lot. They have become more “professional” and technically much better. I believe my work has a lot of room for improvement, that’s why I try to learn something new everyday which I later try to apply in my work: during the session, and in post production as well. I absorb everything people suggest from looking at my pictures and that has helped me for future sessions a lot”

I use a Nikon D80 with a SB800 flash, 12-24 Tokina lens, 18-135mm Nikon lens. Manfrotto ball head tripod… I have a Nikon D70 which I sometimes use too.

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One Response to “Meet The PFRE Idol Winner For February: Sylvia Guardia M”

  • This Lady does some amazing work.
    Sylvia should start some training seminars.

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