Real Estate Video From Canon 5D MKII

January 26th, 2009

Now here is a fine piece of real estate! Dan Achatz just showed me this video he shot yesterday with his new Canon 5D MKII. For those gentle readers not familiar with the Northwest US, this is Haystack Rock at Cannon beach on the Oregon coast. Without a doubt the most photographed rock in Oregon.

Since I grew up in Oregon and my wife’s family had a beach house a few miles south of Haystack Rock so I’ve seen hundreds of photos of sunsets of Haystack Rock and real sunsets here, but I have to say this is a wonderfully fresh, new way to experience this spot. Watching the subtle movement of the people, the water and setting sun is  riveting. Thanks Dan!

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8 Responses to “Real Estate Video From Canon 5D MKII”

  • Wow. An amazing bit of video considering it came from a DSLR. Very nice.

  • The little crabs running around on the beach are so cute ! 😉 They give the whole shot a lot more perspective.

  • Larry,

    Thanks for posting ideas on real estate video! As a new owner of this great camera, I am looking at ways to intergrate stills and video into my slideshows.

    The challenges I see will be balancing light as compared to the stills. I do not want to go the hot light route as I like pack light with 580’s, so I may end up seperating the video.

    I also bought a Bogen 501 HDV head and I am learning to pan. Like most things in photography, it looks way easier than it is! 🙂 A steadicam setup will also be on the list to buy or DIY.

    As a 20 year veteran in real estate, I really see this as the next stage in marketing of my listings! I appreciate your addition of this topic to your posts. Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks for the feedback Tony. Also, be sure to see Paul Huskinson’s example of 5DMII video in the PFRE flickr discussion group:

    I think you are right about the use of video being the next stage in marketing. Cameras like the 5DMKII bring quality wide-angle lens to video. Something that used to cost a huge bundle of money.

  • This looks like a good application for time lapse photography.

  • Great video Dan and thanks for the info Larry. If you’re interested in a discussion on the use of Canon’s 5D in the Real Estate Video space, I suggest you come on over to WellcomeMat’s Neighborhood “the Hood”. Join the conversation!

  • Hi Larry, thanks for the link to Paul’s video. He did a great job! I was inspired by the post and while I was removing items from one of my listings that closed yesterday, I put together this quick video. Not as stylish as Paul’s, but more along the lines of a walk-through. It was shot without stabilization or steadicam and it was my first attempt, so it is rough. 🙂

    I also fashioned a DIY Steadicam and used lens stabilization to shoot this video around the office today. The main problem I see with this one, was the shutter speed was too low to effectively capture my movement speed. There is definately a learning curve here:

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