Best Image of 2008 By Wayne Capili – Interface Visual

January 14th, 2009

Congratulations to Wayne Capili, Interface Visual of Monterey, CA who has won the voting for the best PFRE image of 2008 – PFRE Super Idol. As of this afternoon (Jan 14, 2009) Wayne got 51% of the vote.

Wayne gets Property sites from PFRE sponsor and some tours from PFRE sponsor Also, Wayne gave me his permission to hack up his beautiful image and crop it for use on the PFRE blog header for a few months.

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10 Responses to “Best Image of 2008 By Wayne Capili – Interface Visual”

  • Congratulations Wayne!! Well deserved! Keep up the great shooting.

  • Thanks Linda,
    I think all of us did pretty good work last year, but this year looks much better!

  • Wayne, when I first saw your image, all I could say was WOW! It’s one fantastic photograph.

  • Thanks Jerry,
    It’s one of those instances that as I was setting this up, I thought…If this works it’s going to be pretty cool!

  • Congrats Wayne – your pic presses all the right ‘home and hearth’ buttons. Really appealing.

  • Hey Jon,
    Thank-you, I’m always looking for the next image that has the right buttons. Hope I can find something for next year!

  • It’s funny, for me personally, there always seems to be that “one” outstanding image a year! I’m going to two this year!

  • Very nice shot Wayne.Inside warm and inviting, the view stunning.It tells the story and sells the home.
    I would have been very concerned if your shot didnt win…

  • Thanks Carlos,
    There’s always a chance that the group pick something else. Glad I could represent!

  • Wayne,

    Congratulations on both an outstanding shot and award. Look forward to you shooting my next Real Estate job in the Carmel area.
    Colin Campbell

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