Highlighting Photography Of Realtor John Nilsson Vail, CO

January 6th, 2009

I recently exchanged e-mails with John Nilsson of Vail, CO. His e-mail signature give several links to his current listings:

I’m very impressed with Johns work. John does his own photography and worked with his web developer to create this simple but unique design for a home tour. As I told John, I think he has done a very masterful job of presenting his listings. The photography is stunning and the presentation is very elegant.I wanted to point out that John’s tour design is an example of a style you see frequently in custom designed upper-end home tours where the viewer has no control over the tour. That is, you can’t stop it or select a particular image. This design is a trade-off between making it so viewers don’t have to do anything and a more complex navigation scheme. For some people this style of tour is frustrating. On the other hand, this “no navigation” design has a certain simple elegance.

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