Thanks For All The Survey Responses!

December 20th, 2008

Thanks to everyone that took time to fill out my Polldaddy survey. I got a bunch of great ideas for improving the PFRE blog. For the things I’ve already been thinking about it was a validation that I was on the right track and some ideas have never even occurred to me. Here is a summary of some of the subjects that came up in the survey feedback:

  1. Make the real estate photographer directory more prominent: This one I’ve already implemented. A reader pointed out that the directory is the most important feature on the blog and should have highest possible visibility. This is right on! The real estate photographer directory gets twice the traffic of any other page on the blog and from the feedback I get it consistently generates business for readers listed there. So now there is a link top, center that can’t be missed. This change has already increased the directory traffic. Thanks again Doug for suggesting this improvement.
  2. People would like to see more guest bloggers: Yes, this is a direction I’m definitely going. I’ve been thinking about this and how to do it. Dan Achatz was the first that I invited to do a guest post and I’m in the process of inviting others to do the same.
  3. The blog layout needs improvement: Some folks mentioned they don’t like the content with lot of links on both sides of the content and others pointed out they don’t like the narrowness of the current center content column. I’ve been looking at changing the site template for a while. All the new blog templates that I’ve been looking at are a wide content column on the left with two skinny side-bars on the right hand side. I was glad to hear I’ve been on the right track.
  4. More video tutorials: Yes, I plan to make and collect more videos on the subject of real estate photography. Video tutorials are a great way to teach the subject of photography. I have a goal of making a like library of online web videos.
  5. Premium listings in the real estate photographer directory: I’ve had some mixed feedback about the  premium listing option in the real estate photographer directory. The way this currently works is that anyone can purchase a premium listing in the directory for $1,000/year. The premium listing allows more space, first-come-first-serve order, top of the directory placement and space for a logo. This premium listing is intended for companies that are located in multiple locations. The regular listing is by country, costs is $60/year and space is restricted to one line. I’d be interested in hearing how more people feel about the premium listing concept.

If anyone that hasn’t already filled out the survey it is still open for input or you can comment below if you have any input on any of these subjects.

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  • @Larry,
    Please consider what cross promoting is worth. I show your site on my home page. Every little bit helps. You have more than a little bit that could and should do likewise.

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