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December 16th, 2008

I did a post on this subject back in September but I think it wasn’t clear enough so some readers missed this important subject. So I want to have another go at it and hopefully make it clearer.

The title on this post is literally true. Any business that wants people doing Google searches to find their business can go to this page, enter their business information. Then, when someone does a Google search or Google maps search for “real estate photographer Yourtown” looking for a real estate photographer in the Yourtown area. Their business name, phone number and web site URL, etc will show up very near the top of the Google search. It’s that simple. Nothing geeky or difficult to understand. Just go this page and follow the simple instructions and you get top Google ranking for free.

A Google Maps business listing is becoming more important as people understand how to use Google searches and Google Maps address based searches to find businesses. These Google maps listings are used by mobile devices like the iPhones, Blackberries and many GPS devices.

Here’s an example of how the Google search works:

  1. Go to and search for “real estate photographer seattle”.
  2. Notice that real estate photographer Blue Light Imaging and Usher Creative are listed first and second because these two real estate photographers have addresses listed in the Seattle city limits.
  3. However, if the viewer clicks the “more results near Seattle” link other real estate photographers as far away as Gig Harbor (Martin Photography) and Monroe (Galfano Photography). These listings are ranked by the distance their address is from Seattle.

Here’s an example of how the same kind of search works with Google Maps:

  1. Go to and type Seattle, WA in the search box where you would normally put an address.
  2. Now type real estate photographer in the search box. This will take you to a very similar page as the Google search in 2 above did with all the real estate photographers in the area listed.

Not too bad for a few minutes of your time. Are those of you that already listed like this getting business from the listings?

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11 Responses to “Top Google Ranking For Free In Minutes”

  • Sweet.

    Thanks for posting again about this, totally missed the last time!


  • I added Hometrack to Google maps a few months ago. It’s nice to be more visible on the web, but it hasn’t brought in any new clients. Referrals are still our best source for generating new business.

  • I don’t know, Larry….I did this the day you posted it, but I just searched under the terms “real estate photographer Oakland” and after going through 10 pages of results gave up looking for my ranking….

  • OK. Maybe you won’t get “top” ranking. Currently I’m 7th on a search for “photographer Gig Harbor”. This is mighty fine free advertising. Google shows my website link and phone #. Nice! What your specific ranking is depends on lots of things. And it may improve over time and activity. My website alone is nowhere to be seen.

  • Scott- Whoa… there are a ton of listings that come up for “real estate photographer oakland”! I guess this works best in markets where there aren’t a horde of other businesses with the same keywords.

    People in Oakland must be more Google savy than Seattle since Seattle had a bigger bigger population (by at least 160,000) and does not have so many businesses with this search string.

  • Larry’s suggestion is a good one. If you get top billing depends on your local market and how competitive the keywords are on the local map search. I expect that over time, all the keyword will get more competitive. So don’t look for this to be a replacement for good SEO, but instead as an addition to your current work.

  • Its much like an on line business card. Use the smaller towns in the metro area. I market condos on the internet and am always amazed as to how many people find you with the small seach terms. One of my first blogs was about a toy soldier store in the New Orleans French Quarter. Has nothing to do with real estate but I have gotten numerous calls and e-mails from something very simple.

  • Thanks very much for reminding me about this. I set up my listing and made it 3rd on the list. Small town for sure but still, very cool. And based on your posting I have a more complete listing than the competition. Much obliged.

  • Thanks heaps Larry!

  • […] photographer yourtown”. You want to come up on the first page of that kind of search. See this previous post for a way to easily get on the first page (in most cities) of a Google search like […]

  • I am one of just a handful in my area! Thanks Larry, this is great!

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