HDR Tutorials By Barry Beckham

November 30th, 2008

I recently discovered UK photographer Barry Beckham’s site. Barry has a number of tutorials and has one on HDR that will probably be of interest to real estate photographers. I found Barry’s site by way of the three part youtube tutorial he is using to promote his new HDR tutorial DVD. Here are the three youtube videos:

Barry sells a 5 hour DVD on HDR techniques. I’ll give you a review of it when my copy gets here. It’s on it’s way from the UK to Oregon.

Update on 12/7/2008: This is a good, very detailed coverage of HDR and Blending with Photomatix but I need to warn you that this is a viewable only on Windows. So Mac users beware, you’ll have to boot Windows on your Mac of find a Windows PC.

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One Response to “HDR Tutorials By Barry Beckham”

  • HDR is complex. Thanks for the videos. Its amazing how there can be so many different techniques that work. I’m going to check out the rest of the videos now!

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