Announcing Lighting Workshops in Chicago

November 23rd, 2008

Scott Hargis and Thomas Grubba are doing two more workshops in Chicago, on January 24th & 25th. Each day will be a stand-alone workshop (students sign up for one day or the other, not both). Fee is $275. To register for one of these workshops contact:

For those of you not familiar with Scott and Thomas’s workshops, here is a review by Scott Kelby who attended their LA workshop with his buddy Matt Kloskowski. Here is Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski giving feedback on the LA workshop.

Scott Hargis says, “Format for the Chicago workshops will be very similar to LA, with a lot of hands-on shooting but we’re going to expand the “lecture” portion to include a slide show and more demonstration. The houses are a little smaller, so we’re limiting it to 16 students/day, instead of the 20 we had in LA.

Scott and Thomas’s lighting workshops focus on how to light interiors with off camera strobes using manual mode. It’s technique developed by Thomas Grubba that’s similar to what you will find at Strobist only applied to interior photography. For more details on this technique see Scott’s post on multiple off camera lighting.

Based on the popularity of these workshops in LA and Seattle and all the inquiries that I constantly get on where the next workshops will be, these are going to fill up fast. Sign up now!

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12 Responses to “Announcing Lighting Workshops in Chicago”

  • Why on earth have a workshop in Chicago in the dead of winter? Couldn’t you go someplace warmer????? Sorry for the whining, even if I had the money(workshop + air fare + hotel + cab fare = more than I have!!), I don’t think my thin southern blood could take the Chicago winter. Any plans for hosting a workshop in the southeast any time soon?

  • Hi Debra,

    I do know that Thomas and Scott have also mentioned some activity in the works to expand the workshop series in 2009 to additional cities. I’m sure that we’ll be seeing more information forthcoming.

    The reason for the location and the timing of the workshop in Chicago is all pretty much related to the availability of a residential development with two model homes available for simultaneous use by the workshop. With some things in the works, it may be possible to expand to additional cities.

    If you have particular suggestions for location/host cities, it would be worthwhile to email Scott Hargis.


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  • come to denver and teach a workshop on HDR no lighting.
    I’m the ultimate of lazy 🙂

  • This workshop is very worth attending! I drove 3 hours to Salt Lake City from Idaho, flew to California, and drove for an hour to attend the Santa Clarita Workshop.
    Yes, it cost me a lot, but it was very worth it. I didn’t know I was going about lighting a room so inefficiently and poorly.
    If it comes to a city near year, don’t hesitate! You’ll not regret it.

  • Will this be in the city or a suburb?

  • Thomas- If you have questions about the workshop it is best to contact Scott Hargis directly at the e-mail I gave in the post.

  • I think we’ve broken Scott’s email, I’m getting a reject notice…

  • Anna, I’m getting emails from other folks….give it another try. I just tested the link on Larry’s article and it worked OK. There was a typo when he first posted it, but it’s fixed now.

  • My email’s getting rejected too. I’m very interested and would like further info.

  • I went and checked my email filters — unless you are including the word “Viagra” in your subject line, it shouldn’t get blocked.

    If you are including “Viagra” in the subject line, well, that’s an entirely different workshop…..

    Anyway, you can also use Flickr-mail, which I will start checking daily instead of monthly, or call me: just click the link on my name right here, and the web page has my contact info.

  • Scott, Have you all considered a workshop in the Dallas/Forth Worth (DFW) area. DFW is a pretty centrally located area between Oklahoma City/Tulsa and Austin and Houston. There could be a large pool of interest for a workshop in this area. I’m saying this because it would be convenient for me but at the same time there are atleast large 5 metro areas all within easy driving distance. There are several areas in DFW where houses are in the multi-million dollar range and finding houses in the 600-800k range is not hard at all. In fact, if you were so inclined to add DFW to a potential site for a workshop, I have a close friend from college who now runs a Property Management and Foreclosure company and I could definitely line up some demo locations. They tend to go for the higher end properties and not the 40,000 crack houses one normally thinks of when hearing foreclosure. There are a lot of well to do people that don’t know a damn thing about managing their money.

    Just a thought.

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