PFRE Flickr Group Goes Over 2000 Members

November 6th, 2008

Today the Photography For Real Estate Flickr Group went over 2000 members. While this is not that big as flickr groups go (Strobist has 37,955 and Adobe Lightroom has 7,231) I think the amount of collaborative learning that goes on in this group is amazing. I hear stories almost everyday of how valuable people find this discussion group.

For photographers new in this field, this flickr group gives you an opportunity to get feedback on your work from many of the best real estate photographers on the planet. It’s like a a free 24×7 real estate photography seminar. For experienced RE photographers it’s a chance to talk to others that are working in the same industry. Anyone that hasn’t tried it yet should go to, signup for a free account and join the Photography For Real Estate group. See you there.

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5 Responses to “PFRE Flickr Group Goes Over 2000 Members”

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  • Larry, both the Flickr group and this blog are the principal reasons I’ve become interested in pursuing RE photography and both have become my expert knowledge base.
    Pretty good when you can get a whole new career from a couple of websites.

    Thank you and all the members of this great group.

  • Larry, big CONGRATULATIONS! Very cool to break the 2000 user. You’ve made a positive impact on many of us, a great resource, and simply lots of fun companionship! Job well done.

  • Glad to come across this site today. I just jumped over and joined the flickr group. Improving our photos of real estate is always important.

  • Congrats! Both Flicker and PFR are great places for RE photographers to share and gather information. Thanks for the great sites. Keep it up!

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