Real Estate Video Not Welcome Everywhere

November 3rd, 2008

A warning to those doing real estate video. Many video posting sites have started banning commercial or advertising videos. Specifically, people have told me that sites like, and have such policies. There may be others as well. Reports are that will delete real estate videos, close your account and notify you later.

If you are creating real estate video it’s best post to sites that are designed for real estate video. Fred Light, of who regularly posts video to many different video sites and hosts his own video recommends and Both of these sites are designed specifically for the real estate industry.

To me looks like a great place to host real estate video. The quality of’s video is clearly better than Youtube and Google. WellcomeMat will do fullscreen video and it has a nifty feature that allows you to put chapter markers in the video that allows the viewer to jump around in the video.

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5 Responses to “Real Estate Video Not Welcome Everywhere”

  • Check out Vid listing as well –

    They do some things the Wellcomemat doesn’t do yet (I’m working on a post about that right now) …

    Disclaimer – I have no ties to vidlisting other than knowing one of the guys who works there … and I’ve used them a number of times successfully.

  • Hi Larry,
    I find it interesting that Brett Clements, the Aussie video pro has several “real estate” promos on Vimeo ??????
    You can purchase the option to embed HD. Is this what he’s doing? It doesn’t get much better than Vimeo HD as far as video presentation. I think high quality video hosting (HD capable) will be in big demand soon.
    Best Regards,

  • Ron- Yes, frankly all of Brett Clements video’s posted on vimeo are commercial advertising… that’s all he does. I think they haven’t taken Brett’s videos down because they are the best video on the whole site and they show off the HD quality of vimeo.

    Posting HD on vimeo is free by the way. No extra charge as far as I know.

  • As long as it’s put up only to DEMONSTRATE your video skills and does not link specifically to the business, website or entity that it is publicizing, they will allow it. But if you link to it or promote your company, the agent or a website on the video, tags or description, you get nailed.

    So from a marketing standpoint, it’s really not worth doing if nobody knows who you are or who to contact.

  • Here are two articles talks about this subject as well:

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