The Round-Trip Between Photomatix 3.1Beta and Lightroom

October 9th, 2008

First of all I want to clarify my description, in yesterdays post, of how the round trip process between Lightroom and Photomatix 3.1Beta works. When you send a group of images from Lightroom to Photomatix 3.1Beta (using the new Photomatix export plugin) Photomatix 3.1Beta does have a feature that will re-import the final processed image back into Lightroom. There is a “sticky” check-box in the Photomatix 3.1Beta save dialog box when, if checked and “Adobe Lightroom 2”  is selected, will send the processed image back to Lightroom. So, you have to explicitly “save” the final image back into Lightroom.

This is better than not re-importing images back into Lightroom at all. I appreciate that some people, like Uwe Steinmueller describes in his comment on yesterdays post don’t want their processed image in the source folder with their RAW images. I personally want all the RAW images and derivative images all together in the same folder and I hear many people agreeing. Also, like Matt Kloskowski describes over at lightroomkillertips, this process feels “clunky”. To me, the model of how the round-trip between Lightroom and an a plugin should work is the way Tim Armes’s LR/Enfuse 3.0 works. It is totally automatic. When the Enfuse processing is complete the final image just appears in Lightroom. No having to save the process image, no import dialog boxes, the result just appears in Lightroom alongside the source images.

I’d like to congratulate HDRsoft on providing this Beta version so this kind of discussion with their user community is possible. I find HDRsoft support very fast and effective.

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2 Responses to “The Round-Trip Between Photomatix 3.1Beta and Lightroom”

  • Larry, I will echo your last comment in reagrd to HDRsoft support. I raised an issue recently in regard to HDR in Photomatix, where there is an option to “attempt to reverse engineer tone curve applied” but is not available when batching. After a few e-mails they have put it on their list for possible future releases.

  • Odd thing – I had installed Photomatix (the non-beta version) today. After reading yesterdays post, I went ahead and installed the Beta(v9), but in a non-standard directory (thinking I might be able to run both versions). Then I installed the LR2 plugin. When I did an export via the plugin, it went to the 3.0 installation, not the 3.1Beta installation. The checkbox was not present in the Save As dialog. So I uninstalled both version (3.0 and 3.1), then reinstalled just 3.1 in the default directory, and the plugin works as expected, and I did see the aforementioned checkbox.

    Just in case anyone tries to do things similar to how I did…

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