Meet The New PFRE Idol: Wayne Capili

October 2nd, 2008

WayneCapili2008Congratulations to Wayne Capili, of Monterey, CA, who has won the October PFRE Idol voting. Wayne’s photo above is a stunning piece of work. This months photos was an outstanding set of images, to be chosen the winner in this set of images is a real distinction.

Wayne describes his real estate photography business in Monterey as follows:

I got into “realty photography” quite by accident. I was photographing a home for a magazine, not knowing who the owner was. During one of the set-ups the owner came in to pick up some papers she had left. Before she left she asked of she could see some of the images. While looking at the images, she said, ” I need this kind of photography, here’s my card, get a hold of my assistant, and pick a good place for lunch”. And she left, I had just met one of the biggest real estate broker’s in California. Really, that’s how I got into this.

At the moment, I only take pictures for 2 firms, but they keep me very busy. Realty photography is not my primary focus. But it fits my rules for being a client…

To be my client, you have to do at least 2 out of 3.

1. Has to pay A LOT of money.
2. Have to like the people.
3. Project has to be fun.

Every time I’ve deviated from these simple rules, I’ve hated the job.

With Realty Photography…

I really like the people I work with in Real Estate. I find them to be very generous in spite of the economy, and some haven’t closed a deal in awhile. They pay for my photography knowing they can hire someone else for far less, I am humbled at times. Going into some of the most spectacular properties in California is awesome. And the money doesn’t suck. So it works really well.

This brings me to my entry photograph. Spectacular house on the edge of the California coast. I was taking a picture of the sunset, I forgot to turn off my Pocket Wizard and realized the flash was going off.

After I got the exposure of the sunset, I coordinated with my assistant to get the exposure the same with strobe. The light was changing fast, when I realized that I needed to get a strobe to fill in the tree. I used a sb800 full power to get the exposure in the tree. I’m at the edge of a cliff, holding my camera in one hand, and a sb800 in the other. It was only after everything was done, my assistant came over and said, “I thought you where afraid of heights’? I looked down an realized just how high up i was.

We have the best job!

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6 Responses to “Meet The New PFRE Idol: Wayne Capili”

  • Hi Wayne,
    Great shot you have on this site. I just found the site today. We are in New York, where I think almost everything is a little different than California. I was wondering if you cold give me an idea of what A LOT of money is to do this type of photography?

  • Hi Joe, to clarify my statement, to be a client, you have to do 2 out 3,
    not ALL three. Which means that I don’t get A LOT of money for all my jobs, so, if I’m not getting a lot of money, I have to like the people I’m doing the work for AND the job has to be fun. So…if I don’t like the people, the project HAS to be fun, AND a lot of money.

    See 2 out of the 3

    And finally…

    If I don’t like the people, and the project isn’t going to be fun, you CAN’T pay me enough for me to shoot.

    Since you asked, the photography for this property was about $1500

  • Hi Joe,
    I think you misunderstand the criteria I use to select a client.
    To be a client you have to meet 2 out of the 3 requirements.

    It wild be great if I liked all my clients, or all the projects where fun, and if they all paid a lot of money, but of course they don’t. So 2 out of 3 is the rule. Which means like a lot of people, that don’t have a lot of money, but they do let me shoot very fun things.

    At the same time, if I don’t like the people, and the job isn’t going to be fun, even with a lot of money, it’s something to not be a part of.

    Since you asked about the price, it was $1500, which included publishing rights and use.

  • Hi Wayne,

    Great photo. It’s not only artistic and informative, it’s the kind of image that will grab the emotion of potential buyers who will then be compelled to to visit the property. Great job!


  • Wayne,
    I have a listing at Skyline Forest condo about 2000 sq ft. What is your typical charge for appx. 20 photos for the MLS?
    Erna Clay
    Alain Pinel Realtors
    277 0833

  • I need about three useable photos of our new model apt. It is a 860 SF 2 Br apt. We are at the corner of Forest and Gibson in Pacific Grove. what would you charge for this and do you have time currently to do this for us?

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