I Need A Photoshop 12-Step Program?

September 23rd, 2008

Seems like I just bought and upgrade to Photoshop. Yea, I looked it up and it was just 19 months ago that I bought PS CS3. It’s probably not worth paying $199 to upgrade every 18 months but I have something to admit: I’m hooked. I can’t live without the latest and greatest version of PS. I need an PS 12 step program. Let’s face it, I would pay $199 a month to upgrade if Adobe released a new version every month! And now there’s Lightroom that I need to buy an update for every 12 months. Where will it all end?

This morning, I watched the Adobe CS4 release event online. The release event didn’t have anything in it about plain vanilla Photoshop. They did have a PS CS4 Extended demo which showed that PS CS4 Extended will now stitch spherical 360s, very fast and easy. PTgui look out!

John Nack has a nice list of links to everything you’d want to know about the new CS4 Suite release. A great new feature caught my eye in the demo. It’s called “content aware scaling”. This feature will save me from the stress I have to deal with when I give my wife Levi a nice 4:3 image for her listing flyer and she insists on stretching it into a 16:3 panorama for the top of her listing flyer. I’ve tried to point out this is not cool, it looks awful and people can see that it’s been distorted! She refuses to listen! Content aware scaling will keep us both happy… she can stretch images to her hearts content and the key objects will not be distorted, only the background will be stretched.

Of course, I ordered a CS4 upgrade during this mornings release announcement. I can’t help myself.

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5 Responses to “I Need A Photoshop 12-Step Program?”

  • That makes two of us… I ordered the CS4 Suite Premium Upgrade… Now counting days till I get it…

  • I watched the announcement in betwee working on some things. I felt a great deal of it was directed towards Video, Web and Flash. Quite interesting seeings there is a definite feel that HD web video is around the corner as well as the inclusion of Video as a component of the new 5D. I think the ship date is February if I heard right. No doubt I will be upgrading my Design Suite yet again.

    M. James

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  • Good thing I budgeted for an upgrade for my current CS3 Production Premium license in next years budget. I have never used Photoshop to it’s potential, but I just can’t see myself using anything else (besides Lightroom).

  • I think I’ll hold off for a while, but I will definitly upgrade. I’m a photoshop fanatic!

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