Cameras Equipment Page Summarizes Current Cameras

September 21st, 2008

I’ve added a camera page similar to the lenses page. It shows as “cameras” in the links along the top of the header image.

The lenses page has been hugely popular. Only the real estate directory page gets more traffic. The purpose of this page is to summarize all the current DSLR camera bodies. I use as my definition of what’s current. If dpreview shows a body as “discontinued”, its not in the table. There are links in this table to reviews on and links to the current B&H prices.

In addition to DSLR bodies I have a list of  current compact cameras that either have built-in lenses with 24 mm (35mm effective) or have wide-angle converters that convert the focal lengths to 24 mm or less. I don’t claim this compact camera list is complete yet, but I’d like to get it more complete than it is. So if you have a favorite compact that is 24mm or less let me know and I’ll add it to the table.

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5 Responses to “Cameras Equipment Page Summarizes Current Cameras”

  • Larry, I’ll through a couple sub-28mm compact cameras to you:
    Samsung NV24HD
    Lumix FX37
    Lumix FX500
    Ricoh GX200
    Leica D-LUX4
    Leica C-LUX3

    So where do you think the micro 4/3 platform will fit into this discussion?

  • Lee- Thanks for additions to the list. I will add these to the list. I knew someone out there would help me out filling out the list of compacts. I’ve not been following compacts for the last year and they have been multiplying like rabbits!

    As soon as there start to be micro 4:3 cameras I will add them to the list. My sole criteria for adding compact camera’s to this table is that they have to be 24mm or wider.

  • Larry, please add the Sony A300 to the list. It’s great camera for REP.

  • @Jerry- OK, seems reasonable.

    @Lee- After looking at the two Lumix’s and the Leica’s specs more closely I think I’m going to leave them off the list. I already have one Lumix on the list that has a 24mm lens, the two you suggested have 25mm… close I know but having them on the list would violate my rule of thumb that I have in my book and many posts of 24mm or less being a real estate camera. I don’t want to speak with forked tongue:)

    The Leica’s are 28mm which is just not wide enough for real estate in my opinion. Gotta draw the line some where and I draw it at 24mm.

  • Larry, I agree with you. The Leica D-LUX3 is a 28mm, but the D-LUX4 (recently announced) is a 24mm. The D-LUX4 is the Leica version of the Lumix LX3.

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