Videos On PFRE Tutorial Page Now Full Screen HD

September 17th, 2008

I just got finished converting all the screen capture videos that I have on the PFRE tutorial page from youtube videos to vimeo videos. This makes the tutorials much higher quality because vimeo is HD capable and if you click on the full screen control in the lower right corner as illustrated in the photo to the right, the video will fill your screen. I think this makes these screen capture videos much more useful and easy to see.

Back when I made the 10 essentials videos I was targeting the video for youtube so the videos are not quite high quality as they could be. I’ll be re-shooting these videos to add more content in the future, so the next time I shoot them the quality will improve.

Watching these videos may tax your internet connection. They look good running on my 6 Mb/sec Comcast cable, 26″ monitor, on a MacBook Pro. They do have a consistant little “hic” every 45 secs or so, but I think the quality is preferable to youtube for this kind of video. So far I’ve on had one person tell me they didn’t look good. I assume the look good to the majority. What do you think? Is this an improvement? Or are they a problem to watch? Perhaps I should add links to the youtube versions for those with slower connections.

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5 Responses to “Videos On PFRE Tutorial Page Now Full Screen HD”

  • They look great! I am using the standard bandwidth Fios and only had 1 or 2 pauses within the first 30 seconds and that was it for the entire video.

  • Larry, I enjoy/appreciate your effort on these “tutorials” but please, pretty PLEASE, write/draft a script before you start recording the voiceover.

    All the “This is a…um, no wait…. uh… ah, here’s a picture that uh…. I, errh…” really drags production value down a dozen of notches. Keep it short, informative. Snap snap. Be direct, get to the point ASAP.

    Right now, the videos are painstakingly slow to watch, even though there’s good info in them.

    Keep it up! : )

  • Hi Larry,
    I too am on a Comcast cable link and the streaming video worked super fast without hesitation. Much improved look over YouTube.
    I do agree with the script presentation suggestion offered above.
    Keep up the great work.
    Best Regards,

  • Gary, Philip & Ron- Thanks for your candid feed back! Yes, it occurs to me that I’ve been doing much the same think with these screen capture videos as real estate agents shooting their own photos do… I did the screen capture tutorials be cause I could, not because I’m good at it. I promise to clean up my act and make any future ones more polished.

  • These are really informative videos, but I have to agree with a couple posters above.. The slow pace and occasional pauses in your voice make me think of Ralph Nader.

    However, you bring up some things that an overly-ambitious amateur such as myself sometimes forgets. Shoot level, light the room up, be prepared to darken that overly-bright window. These are essential! Thanks!

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