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September 16th, 2008

LA Times Axes Weekly Real Estate Section: via Aug 4, 2008 – Not a big surprise here, just continuing evidence that real estate is moving completely to the web. Newspapers around the country are realizing that their most important products are their web sites. This has been obvious for sometime but the soft economy is creating a situation that forces them to face the facts.

The Future of Online Video: via Sept 16, 2008 – Whether you like it or not if you are going to be a real estate photographer there is video in your future! Better start getting used to it. Video is getting easier to produce and host and a few of the really savy Realtors are starting to use it. A witnessed by the Nikon D90, it won’t be long till DSLRs all will shoot video. The real challenge for real estate photographers will be scripting, directing and post production.

Sony Unveils 24 Mpixel full frame DSLR – Sept 9, 2008 – Another pre-Photokina announcement from Sony but still info from Canon on their new bodies. They are creating drama by waiting until the last possible minute.

Giroptic Introduces A One Shot 360 Camera –  July 2008 – Here’s a fully integrated 360 shooting system that has the camera integrated with parabolic lens for $999 USD. The hosting website does the stitching for you. This system makes creating 360 images extremely easy to shot, create and host.

Adobe is Announcing Photoshop CS4 on Sept 23 – Click here to register for the announcement.

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6 Responses to “Real Estate Photography News Quickies”

  • You probably mean Nikon D90.

  • Alex- Yes, thank you.

  • The giroptic quality looks almost as bad as the one shot 360 lenses we clipped on our digicams 5 years ago.

  • @Zac – don’t agree with you – they included a HDR mode on the camera…

  • and you will be bound forever.
    it has a hemispherical mirror. quality is impressive but i would like to see prints.

  • Its a shame what happened to the LA Times real estate section; I thought that was one of the best real estate sections in the nation.

    For awhile, I didn’t know what happened when I looked for that section. But, they’ve seen folded in some of that real estate information into its Sunday business section.

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