Meet The New Canon 5D MKII

September 16th, 2008

Canon just released the specs on the new 5D Mk II. also has a more in depth look up on their site. I haven’t had time to study this but it appears that for $2700 USD you get more than what you had to shell out $7900 USD for, yesterday at this time.

This reinforces what I mentioned in my last post regarding the future of video! This makes it pretty clear that video is going to be in every DSLR soon. Wow, this thing does full HD at 30 frames per second.

Oh, ya, and Canon also announced the G10 successor to the G9. Looks like it has a wider lens (28mm) better quality and performance for the same price.

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9 Responses to “Meet The New Canon 5D MKII”

  • You’re my first photography related feed to announce this! The G9 has been a dream in the year I’ve owned it, and will definitely be considering the 5D Mark II. Thank you for posting this!!

  • Finally!! The 5D was starting to remind me of the Rolling Stones.

  • New 5D is finally here. I need to make more money in order to afford the upgrade.

    I was hoping the G10 will have 24mm but I guess I need to go with Panasonic LX3 for my husband as a carry around camera.

    Thanks Larry for the info.

  • I can’t wait! Folks, take note that the release announcement came out last night, but Canon won’t have this on the market until November, 2008. Nancy

  • most annoying as I just got the G9 for my birthday last month 🙁 Guess I should have done some research!

  • The new 5D looks fine, but it will be interesting seeing a test between the new 5D and the Sony A900.
    And the G10 is only a marketing hype. Photographers want a compact camera with a bigger APS-C sensor. There is plenty of room between the noisey point&shoot cameras with a thumbnail sensor and the Leica M8.

  • You can read some interesting details on the 5D MKII here:
    and an interesting comparison of Nikon’s D3 and D700 to Canon’s 5D MKII here:

  • A link to the awesome video of the 5DMKII!

    I wonder how much I can get on a trade in of my old 5D!

  • Whenever I grab 5D I feel like I am fiddling a toy camera. I don’t know why.

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