Brett Clements’s Knock-out Tours on Vimeo

September 13th, 2008

Back in June a friend from Australia showed me a video tour done by Brett Clements of Propvid. This last week while searching for a way to improve the quality of my screen capture videos I stumbled across Brett’s HD videos on Brett’s video work is stunning and provides a stunning platform for presenting it in high quality HD. Here are links to some of Brett’s vimeo tours (be sure to click the full screen button in the lower right corner):

I love to watch these videos full screen on my 26″ monitor. The time-lapse and helicopter aerial shots are spectacular. Also, the script writing is outstanding. These tours make me want to go spend some time on the Australian Gold Coast!

As some readers pointed out on my last post that featured one of Brett’s videos, there are some defects that immediately catch the eye of still photographers. Barrel distortion is one of them. Video camera lenses still have barrel distortion and it stands out on interiors. Also, when watching a HD vimeo video full screen (at least on my 1920 x 1200 26′ monitor) there is a slight “tick” every so often, probably due to some aspect of keeping up with the HD streaming. However, I think these video tours are a major step forward! The quality is fantastic compared to anything else I’ve seen. I browsed around on and couldn’t find anything that comes close to the work that Brett and his team are doing.

Not all upper-end agents have a $8,000 to $15,000 budget for video tours like this, but Brett and set a new, high standard for what is possible with online video. The cost of shooting HD video will undoubtedly drop but much of what customers get in these kind of shoots is the script writing and directing that Brett’s team is doing. Brett’s team starts with ordinary agents and turns them into movie stars.

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6 Responses to “Brett Clements’s Knock-out Tours on Vimeo”

  • Hi Larry,
    Thanks for the links. I really believe this is the direction the internet is heading in, and Vimeo is at the forefront. Quality content is what is going to separate the players not only in the RE industry but many other visually intensive industries as well.
    HD is a reality and defines the quality that many high end clients will be looking for. It may seem expensive now but prices will drop with the increasing availability of HD equipment. I hope this will be a viable alternative for many professional architectural shooters who are seeing their revenues decline – for a number of reasons. As we adapted and embraced digital I think many of us will also have to transition into video as well. Pulitzer Price winning photojournalist Vincent Laforet is witnessing this in the PJ arena of photography.
    The future is full of change – just when we thought we had it all figured out !!
    Best Regards,

  • This was very jumpy.
    I have great broadband, but this was crap I turned it off after a couple of jumpy mins, anyone else find this.
    What major movies did this guy work on again.

  • Josh – My guess is that this HD video will likely not look good on every machine or internet connection because it is streaming HD… there is a lot of data coming at you fast. I’m using a Comcast cable internet connection that tests out at about 6 Mbits/sec and I’m viewing it on a MacBook Pro with a 26″ external monitor… with this setup the videos look gorgeous in full screen mode! Although it has a little jitter, consistently about every 45 sec, probably having to do with keeping up with the HD streaming speed.

  • Ron- Yes, I think you are right. Internet video is developing very fast. Brett’s work is on the leading edge of what’s possible right now but as HD capable cameras come down in price and Internet video gets more capable video property tours will become better and cheaper.

  • Larry.
    I’d just like to say thanks for appreciating my work. I’m a film-maker who runs a small business, subject to the same challenges any small companies face. Our budgets have not always been big; and we regularly do work for $220 a pop. But we’re trying to put some lifestyle into property and position it as tourism.
    Vimeo is an awesome site and my fellow Directors on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane are constantly sharing our camera settings etc. Film-making has always been a process of sharing and improving on ideas. We’re about to start testing the Nikon D90, which shoots 720p HD, which will provide us with access to lenses previously reserved for high-end photographers. We will share what we’ve learnt on Vimeo; just like Chase Jarvis did with his tests out of Seattle, on YouTube. Which were awesome. But I am not about to make ‘property video’ cheaper. It is not what our Company is about; we have to pay taxes, super, re-invest in new equipment, reward our Directors and continue to improve. I don’t know why real estate suppliers are so fixated on beating each other out on price. I was witness to the collapse of the Australian TV production business because everybody out-bid each other; ultimately delivering poor quality programs we could not sell overseas. And while technology certainly plays a part in the quality we deliver, I also think it is a deep love for what we do, combined with an understanding of the industry we support.
    And a big thankyou to acknowledging what we do; @ the end of the day, I get a greater kick out of a thankyou than any pay cheque. Thanks Larry.

  • Just an update: all these videos have been moved to

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