How To Get Your Business In The Top 5 Google Results

September 8th, 2008

It’s always enlightening to see the search strings that bring people to your web site. In looking at the PFRE blog stats I’ve noticed that even though the majority of the search strings that bring people to PFRE is the search string “real estate photography” there are also a many, more targeted strings, like “real estate photographers in xxx” where xxx is a city. If you click here or click on the jpg above you can see the Google results for “real estate photographers in honolulu”.

These search results reveal several easy ways to get your real estate photography business in the top 5 google results for your city:

  1. Notice that the very top result is a list of business registered with google maps ( here‘s how you get on this local business list for free). If you aren’t registered with do it now!
  2. Notice that PFRE reader and Honolulu real estate photographer, David Moore, shows up both on and in the PFRE directory. Another interesting fact that the Google condensed results for the PFRE directory page show two of the six listings in the PFRE directory. I have no idea how Google decided to choose these two PFRE directory entries out of the six in the directory.
  3. Notice that Michael Mimiaga made it in the top 5 results by having a listing for his business. This works well and is free but craigslist ads need to be reposed every 7 days. You can ease this re posting task buy using one of the auto posting applications.
  4. Only Anthony Calleja, a Honolulu photographer that managed to get his site in the top 5 results. This reflects the fact that it is relatively difficult to get an individual site in the top five of Google results.

In summary, Realtors use Google extensively to find a real estate photographer in their local area. As a photographer, it’s super important to get your work in front of potential clients. The best way to do that is to build a portfolio web site and make sure it shows up in the top 5 Google results for your local city. There are 3 good ways (numbers 1 through 3) to do this without having to become a “SEO jock”.

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15 Responses to “How To Get Your Business In The Top 5 Google Results”

  • There is another easy method to get your business to the top of google. It’s easy and many PFRE users do it every few days. It is simply commenting on the blog.

    But you need to make sure that your comments are done correctly. You will note that my name above is “Cape Girardeau Real Estate”. It is not HouseViewOnline or Neal McGuire. Why, because I want Google to count this link towards that keyphrase. I use my site name because if someone types your site name into Google, you are almost guaranteed to get the top spot.

  • Neal- What you say is not quite true. If I type “Cape Girardeau Real Estate” as the Google search phrase Your site comes up #1 because Google considers your site most authoritative for that phrase… which is awesome! But, none of the comments you make on PFRE are in at least the first 5 pages of results… I got tired of looking after 5 pages.

    Congratulations Google considers your site most authoritative for a bunch of search phrases!

  • Larry – I should have explained better. A single blog post is unlikely to reach the top page in Google unless it is for some obscure phrase like “Purple peaches and violet eggs” (That should come up tomorrow). So your comment is correct in that regard.

    However, one of the reasons that Google considers my site to be the most authoritative for that phrase is that I have many links pointing to my site using that phrase. Consider that each time a link is pointed at my site using the phrase “Cape Girardeau Real Estate” as a vote for my site being an authority on that phrase. Having the most votes will go a long way to reaching the first page.

    There are many other aspects on good SEO that are just as easy. But that would be the subject of a different post.

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  • Neal- I understand your point. Yes, incoming links is a good way to build the ranking and authority of your site. This is an activity that I was referring to in point #4 in my post. Building incoming links, having fresh content optimization of titles etc. This is not hard, but it takes time depending on the search term(s) you are trying to get traffic for and how much competition there is. It took me 2 years to become #1 for the search term “real estate photography”.

    My point is that there are three things (#1, #2 and #3) you can do to be in the top five results for “real estate photography in yourcity” tomorrow or at least the next time that Google gets around to indexing your site.

  • Larry,
    I’m glad you did this post. It’s something I’ve been trying to learn more about. Once I got my site looking the way I wanted it to, the next step was to learn about SEO in order to get it moved up in Google, Yahoo, etc.

    I’m in the San Francisco “Bay Area”, so I figured that most people around here looking for a Real Estate Photographer would type in “Bay Area Real Estate Photographer”. I focused on that and I’m proud to say when you type that in you’ll find me in the #1 spot on p.1 with Yahoo, but for some reason when you type the same thing in Google I come up 8 pages back. Also, there’s a whole bunch of way less relevent stuff that comes up in front of me like real estate agents, wedding photographers, etc. I’m not sure why Google & Yahoo work so differently, but I need to get to the bottom of it because I’m sure there’s more people using Google than Yahoo.

    If anyone could offer a few more tips I’d greatly appreciate it.


  • From my experience, registering with google maps is the best idea. It seems to work well for me. Its the only place I’ve named my business: “Martin Real Estate Photography & Virtual Tours”. Every place else I’m just “Martin Virtual Tours”. The later is somewhat limiting.

  • Kapow – instant success with th Google map suggestion. Thanks Larry.

  • I am 6th right now for “lakewood real estate photography”, and I haven’t officially hung my shingle out yet. I dGoogle seems to love blogs…

  • Chester- Another way to search that I didn’t mention is what many people are now doing with mobile devices. Go to Search for “Lakewood CO” then search for real estate photographer. There are about 3 that come up in your area but they are in Boulder and Denver.

    By registering your site with you get your business in these results too.

  • I like what I see…

    I also found that entering your local business under many different category that fit your business is also helpful. My categories are; Services – Photographer, Photographer, Photographer Stock, and Photographer Real Estate.

    David L. Moore

  • David- Thanks for the tips. You’ve done a great job of giving yourself Google exposure! Good work!

  • Well, it works Larry. Just got a call to come do a portrait for an executive at an engineering firm. Looked at my blog stats, and there was a search from Google Maps… woohoo!

  • Dang Neal, that is absolutely brilliant! Now I have a good business reason to post more often. 😉

    It probably won’t last forever but I understand that google currently favors link juice from blogs.

    Even though I had my name instead of Pocono Real Estate in the name field, I swear our keyword rank was higher when I was less busy and posting more often.

    Thanks for the google maps trick. I checked and had set that up previously.


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