Timothy Armes Announces LR/Enfuse 3.0

September 3rd, 2008

Tim Armes recently announced his latest version of Lightroom/Enfuse 3.0. For those of you that are not familiar with LR/Enfuse take a look at my post back in March of this year on LR/Enfuse. In summary, LR/Enfuse is a Lightroom plug-in that provides a convenient interface onto the open source Enfuse application, which provides excellent blending of multiple exposures of the same scene into one final image.

There are several implementations of Exposure Fusion processing, which I won’t list here, but Tim’s implementation is my favorite because:

  1. It works as a Lightroom plug-in on either Windows, Vista or Mac OS-X.
  2. The actual Enfuse and image alignment code that Tim uses is open source. Tim has built a Lightroom plug-in interface for these open source applications. This plug-in works with Lightroom 1.x or Lightroom 2.0 although the new 3.0 features only with LR 2.
  3. As of this version the plug-in automatically imports the enfused image back into the same folder and stacks with the input images (LR 2 only).
  4. Also, as of this new version the plug-in has batch processing (LR 2 only). You simply organize the images into stacks, select all the stacks you want enfused and run enfuse in batch mode.
  5. LR/Enfuse is donationware- you decide how much to pay.

In my opinion, LR/Enfuse is the easiest and fastest post processing approach to get beautifully exposed skies in exterior shots and excellent window exposure in interior shots. You can either shoot a series of images a few stops apart, as with traditional HDR, or you can use a RAW image and open it twice, once adjusting exposure correctly for sky (or windows) and a second time for non-sky (or windows) and enfuse the two images to create a final image with the best exposure of both images.

I’ve decided that this technique is so important for real estate photographers that I’m going to create a tutorial video that demonstrates how to use LR/Enfuse. In the mean time give it a try and be sure to give Tim a good sized donation!

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6 Responses to “Timothy Armes Announces LR/Enfuse 3.0”

  • Thanks for the heads up! My favorite program just got easier to use!

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  • Can Enfuse operate on RAW files? I’m guessing not, I would have to process to JPEG first.

  • Jake- Yes, I just import to lightroom, do exposure adjustments (or nothing) then send to LR/Enfuse for processing. LR/Enfuse re-imports the result in TIFF format. And you can have LR/Enfuse put the EXIF from the input images on the output image.

    I’m going to post a youtube video on this process later today.

  • Larryy – Thanks for that. Very cool. Now if someone would just make PTGui or PTAssembler or something similar into a nice LR plugin I would be very happy.

  • What do you think is a “good sized” donation?

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